Under-rated feature on Masto:

The "Delete & re-draft" button

It does exactly what's on the label

It deletes your post, but puts it back in the editor so you can fix that *one* thing easily

@bgcarlisle I agree! It feels like a pretty good way to allow editing but without "changing history".

@bgcarlisle I've been here five minutes, and that's really good to know -- I was worried it would erase my whole post (I've spent ages carefully describing three artworks in the alt text!)

@DarkSheepArts It deletes the post that's up, but puts it all in the editor, yeah!

@bgcarlisle Wait what seriously? Is this like an alternative to the Edit button or an addition to it?

@bgcarlisle Ah, I see, it's an alternative to the Edit button because the Mastodon developers aren't keen on allowing toot editing even though the ActivityPub protocol does allow content updates. It's an interesting solution, but I still think an actual edit option would be nice.

@eloisa @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle

Edit feature is rolling out in the next few releases.

But this was a placeholder for like 4-5 years now.

@maloki @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle oh, wow! We're gonna have editing powers? Not sure how I feel about it, actually. :s

@eloisa @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle I hope it will let us see the edit history, but I've obviously not been following the development too closely.

@maloki @eloisa @bgcarlisle I agree that keeping a way to show the old post is essential to avoid abuses of the edit feature (e.g. to create fake drama).

@maloki @eloisa @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle I remember seeing in some github thread that it would, but I could have been dreaming. The Activity Pub should display edit history.

@maloki @eloisa @giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle I'm an old fedi person, but I still don't know what the edit feature actually does. Can y'all explain how it is different than delete and post again?

@weirdwriter @maloki @eloisa @bgcarlisle I think the key difference is that the edited content gets distributed as an "update” to the old one, allowing it to keep its association with it (including any replies/fav/boosts the original might have received before the edit)

@giuseppebilotta @maloki @eloisa @bgcarlisle That will be so much better! I've had numerous instances where, like, the whole Fedi boosted one of my posts, then realized the post had a broken link or something, but didn't want to lose all the replies.

@maloki "Edit" feature, but now my comment does not make sense, 😃

I was initially ambivalent as to whether an edit feature would really add value when a delete and re-draft I thought was quite a nifty feature.

@giuseppebilotta @bgcarlisle
Call it poor man's toot editing, or something. Not quite but workable.

@bgcarlisle Thanks for the tip.

Does the deleted/redrafted version lose any interactions from the previous version (favorites, replies, etc.)?

@edibotopic @bgcarlisle Yes, all interactions are lost. I heard that the newest version has an edit function, though?

@bgcarlisle I was briefly on Twitter shortly after I started on Masto and remember being actually shocked that delete & redraft was not a thing on Twitter. I had kind of assumed Mastodon had gotten that function from Twitter but NOPE

Love the feature, though when you've gotten farther in the thread, you end up having to make more ✨ decisions ✨

@bgcarlisle Yup! Could not agree more! It makes updating posts so much easier, and it keeps your profile cleaner as well, rather than having millions of posts going oops, sorry! Typo, anyway! dot dot dot.

@bgcarlisle Fun fact: in the Brazilian side of the fediverse, the act of deleting & redrafting an already interacted with toot is called "brennar" ("to act like Brenno"). That's because, and I kid you not, a user from a popular instance called Brenno used to do that a lot, even for the smallest of typos.

@bgcarlisle used this just the other day. I forgot it was there and was dreading the effort of recreating the toot with the corrected image attached

@bgcarlisle I KNOW! I totally love the "delete and re-draft" feature. Really a game-changer for me.

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