Canonical: You like snaps now

Snaps: I don't respect your system settings, themes or anything!

Me: Oh no

Snaps: My file chooser doesn't remember your sidebar folders in Nautilus like everything else, also, get used to navigating from / every single time, because I don't remember anything else either

Me: That's not what I—

Snaps: Also now you have to remember to update your software in yet another place

Me: Please stop

Snaps: Btw I take up way more resources too

Canonical: You're welcome

@bgcarlisle Snaps: also I'm going to clog up your root directory by default with three different versions of each installed software for no reason

@bgcarlisle I am going to try, yet again, to switch our systems back to Debian over the "snap" debacle. 💔

I have used Ubuntu since Warty so will be a bit sad to say goodbye.

@bgcarlisle that was a contributing factor that got me to switch to Manjaro. I was surprised to find that using its AUR approach seems easier/more efficient to me than having snaps and apt repositories. Manjaro's customizations in themes, etc. aren't to my taste (I removed those to get a plain system) but otherwise I've been satisfied with it as an Ubuntu alternative.

@jc @bgcarlisle if you like the AUR but dislike Manjaro-style customizations, you should perhaps check out the parent distro, Arch Linux ( You probably know about Arch already, but just in case :)

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