🇨🇦 ACAB 

> Last year, video footage provided to the media showed RCMP tactical officers breaking down a door with an axe and chainsaw to arrest pipeline opponents at Coyote Camp during another protest on the territory. ... Green contrasted those incidents with reports that Alberta RCMP officers shook hands with and hugged some of the protesters who had halted traffic at the United States border crossing near Coutts, Alta., to demonstrate against pandemic health mandates.

🇨🇦 ACAB 

@bgcarlisle this shit is so wild. See it so clearly when situations like this occur, another excellent example is Sarah Everard case in England.

🇨🇦 ACAB 

@bgcarlisle whether it's or or these events are related even if there is no single villain orchestrating behind the scenes. 💔

People who were nurtured by open societies are finding allies amongst the most vile autocrats. Together they aim to destroy the openness that made their own success possible. And large, vocal voting blocs willingly participate.

Hard to draw connections without espousing conspiracy theories.

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