Them: So we're Catholic, what about you?

Me: I put "The Way of the Prophets of Bajor" down for my religion the last time the census asked but idk did they ever have a Reformation?

@Cyborgneticz Brb writing some fanfic about Evangelical Bajorans who don't use transporters for religious reasons

@bgcarlisle I would absolutely read this. What do you think Kai Winn's position would be

@Cyborgneticz She uses transporters extensively but never publicly because she doesn't want to alienate her base

@Cyborgneticz Episode writes itself

* Starfleet finds drifting Bajoran ship in distress
* Starfleet beams over help, they declare the ship un-fixable, about to explode
* Bajorans raise shields, preventing Starfleet from beaming anyone back, because they believe that they will be killed if they are beamed and replaced with a duplicate, and they don't trust Starfleet not to take them all
* Starfleet negotiates with them, gets them to lower shields
* But now some Bajorans want to get beamed
* Etc.

@Cyborgneticz I mean, there's like a million Star Trek shows these days

I should just write up a spec script and send it to whoever's in charge

@Cyborgneticz And a hypocrite religious leader type character like Winn would be perfect in this story

They could be the one leading the charge against transporter use at first

And then they sneak off at the end with the people who change their minds, leaving others to die


@ljwrites @Cyborgneticz Yeah I'm aiming more at a parody of Evangelical purity culture but there is a high degree of overlap with "death cult" there

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