> Once you burn out a sucker, they don’t come back. They’re a non-renewable resource. So they’re going to end up running out of greater fools.

@bgcarlisle and I didn't feel like a fool! Mostly the times when people say 'block chain can fix this' n I'm always thinking 'that doesn't sound right but also I live outside of tech so maybe????' Turns out it's never the answer

Love it fuck blockchain

@Cyborgneticz Yeah, the time where anyone could reasonably be like "Maybe this is an interesting technology that's worth looking into" ended in like 2016

@bgcarlisle oh crypto. Remember when instead of using the already fine programs for security in medical records they tried blockchain and it went south real fast

@bgcarlisle bad times I think this was during the pandemic so maybe they lost their common sense

@bgcarlisle Early on I was hopeful for cryptocurrency because of the promise of a non-governmental decentralized currency that could be used anywhere without things like interchange. Just one less headache for wanderers.

@badsirbrian Yeah I had hopes too, back in like 2014

But anyone who is still pushing it today ... I'm not gonna assume good faith

@bgcarlisle Sounds right. And in practice ordinary credit and debit cards work fine in most countries, as long as you make sure they don't charge foreign transaction fees. So mostly my problem doesn't exist as long as you pick a bank offering that.

@bgcarlisle long read but worth it. Best quote was:

'The thing is, though, the cryptocurrency space itself has the object permanence of a horny mayfly. They simply don’t remember their own scams.'

@theDuesentrieb @bgcarlisle

To me, the best quote was:
"[...]I’ve actually changed my view over the past decade. Back in 2013, I thought it was amusing and silly, and I could get cool papers out of it. In 2018, I thought it was amusing, but pretty bad. [In 2022], it’s time to really think about burning it down. Now I just want to take the entire cryptocurrency space and throw it into the sun. I know astronomers will tell you it’s easier to throw something into the void of space than to throw it into the sun. But it’s worth the extra energy to make sure some alien doesn’t find this mental virus."

crypto bros: As long as I get rich, who cares?

And this is the fundamental problem. Not that they don't know, but that they don't care.

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