Masto time 💃🏻
I’m B Cordelia Yu, I’m Taiwanese-American transfemme enby, and a content & editorial strategist mostly working around issues of science/environmental/social justice, civictech, and academic coms.
My research is on deliberative democracy and political cognition. I seem to be giving a lot of talks about inclusion in tech and participatory organizing for social justice.

And one of these days I’ll finally migrate from Mendeley to Zotero because fuck Elsevier.

If anyone has experience setting up a zotero dataserver, I’d be suuuper interested in talking to you.

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@bgcarlisle tbh, I’m not sure. the git repos have crap documentation. I want to run my own server that I can invite others to share research (instead of syncing to

@thebestsophist Yeah, I"ve summed up grad school to people outside it as follows:

"Oh here's an interesting question that will be easy to answer definitively!"

~ 4 years later ~

"We have an outline for a preliminary framework that—"

*deep breath*
*breaks down sobbing*


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