Fun thing:

Due to the structure of the language, you can use capital letters to indicate where a word is stressed and then eliminate spaces between the words, and there is no ambiguity in meaning

In fact, the Lojban parser recognises this:

This means that you can have phrases or entire sentences in Lojban in and the lack of spaces will never bork them up

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@vertigo Pretty close!

{.i .u'i do tavla mi .e'uru'e}

{.i} Sentence separator
{.u'i} Amusement (applies to entire sentence)
{tavla} x1 speaks to x2 abotut x3 in language x4
{do} You, the listener (goes in x1 of tavla)
{mi} Me, the speaker (goes in x2 of tavla)
{.e'u} Suggestion
{ru'e} Weak modifier
{.e'uru'e} "If you want" (attaches to the {mi}, so it's the talking to me that's being suggested)

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