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The research fairy @bgcarlisle

Hey anyone with a Windows machine and Beaker Browser? I'm trying to figure out a bug in some software, but I only have access to Macs and Linuxes

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@bgcarlisle My desk machine in my office is a Windows 7 Box. Does that help?

@thelibrarian Yeah, I had an issue on Windows where Beaker didn't copy any subdirectories when I tried forking Numbat

It loaded the archive from hashbase fine, but the forked project lost all its formatting and some of its functionality

Just want to know if that's only the one Windows machine, or if it's all Windows

@bgcarlisle Not having used Beaker or Numbat yet...steps to replicate?

@thelibrarian Just install Beaker from, then navigate to: dat:// in Beaker and click the big green "fork" button

It'll ask if you want to download all the files first, and you do

Once it's done, go to the right-hand menu > Library, then find Numbat in the list and open it, see if it looks the same as the original

@bgcarlisle Okay so I did that and first it showed me only dat.json, but then I reviewed changes and published and it pulled/displayed/copied what I assume are the rest of the files needed.

@thelibrarian Do you see the coloured buttons and everything? Or a broken link to the logo image?

@bgcarlisle Yup, it is not loading the css/images and the image files are missing but numbat.css is there.

@thelibrarian Hmm looks like Windows isn't loading subdirectories when forking then

Thanks, this is helpful!

@thelibrarian Yeah, it's everything in a folder, which borks all the formatting

Works on Mac and Linux, just not Windows

Will submit an issue through their Github :)

@bgcarlisle Also downloading as a zip works. Grabs everything.

@bgcarlisle Forking from Beakers "fork this site" menu option has the same behavior as your big green button. So not a coding error on your part there. Definitely a case of error report away!

@thelibrarian Good to know!

Also the zip workaround is useful to know

Thanks! :)

@bgcarlisle Always happy to help :)
(It's in my librarian nature!)

@bgcarlisle We're (mostly) public servants who help the citizenry with the information and infotech questions/problems, etc. It seems is filled with librarians and physicists. Which I find amusing. Why those disciplines?

@thelibrarian Maybe a high proportion of early adopters and technophiles?