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Reminder that Project Gutenberg Canada exists

The site is formatted like it's from 1994, but it's got dozens and dozens of digitised books that are in the Canadian Public Domain

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@bgcarlisle The reason this server is in Canada is that for books Canada only enforces a copyright of 50 years plus the author's life. Which is one of the shortest in the world. Technically we are signatories of the transpacific partnership, but we have not yet signed into law the clauses requiring us to extend that to 75 years plus author's life.

@bgcarlisle I saw that and I'm hopeful about it but not super optimistic

@bgcarlisle doesnt seem to be connected to calibre either as it's .com counterpart. :/

@bgcarlisle Standard Ebooks is worth a look too. It’s an open source project devoted to meticulously editing and formatting public domain ebooks (mostly from Project Gutenberg).

Here’s one that I edited: It was a lot of fun, and I plan to do another one at some point.