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The research fairy @bgcarlisle
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Software engineer 1: Let's make the space bar do a page-down in the browser

Software engineer 2: Let's also make it play video, whether that video is in the field of view or not

Software engineer 1: Yes this will not cause any unintended user surprises

Software engineer 2: It is an excellent idea

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@bgcarlisle software monkey: if event.key == KEY_SPACE

@bgcarlisle if only engineers sat down to discuss these things

these situations happen because they don't.

@KitRedgrave @bgcarlisle in this particular case, engineer 1 made their statement and implemented it a full twenty years before engineer 2 touched the code

@bgcarlisle Software engineer 3: Am I working with evil geniuses or total idiots?

@bgcarlisle The problem with this is that it assumes that these two software engineers talk to each other.

@bgcarlisle On YouTube you can pause a video by pressing the "k" key.