A fork of GIMP that's just GIMP with a better name when


well there's Krita

also I hope someone forks GNU IMP someday with a name like TNOGIAS, for The Namers Of GNU IMP Are Shitheads, and *literally* only changes the name

because fuck 'em, that's why

@bgcarlisle Every time I mentioned that I'll fix some image with GIMP my former manager would reply with "Bring out the gimp!" quote from Pulp Fiction.

@bgcarlisle PLEASE. I use it in my teaching, and I *cringe* every time I say the name.

@robertwgehl sometimes i just say the whole name instead of the acronym just to avoid having to say "oh have you ever tried the gimp" in front of students :<

@hvincent I do that, too. But then I teach it a few times, and saying Gaa-Nuu Image Manipulation Program gets old

@robertwgehl we could call it 'gnu imp', like a gnu-shaped imp

@em @bgcarlisle Simply Handy Raster Image Manipulation Program


@em @bgcarlisle Simply Horny Raster Image Manipulation Program, whose mascot is just Wilbur with a huge uhhh horn

@bgcarlisle PWOMP -- the Pretty Well-known Optical Manipulation Program

@bgcarlisle Just a reminder the nightly builds are even more... On theme with the name than usual.

@bgcarlisle If I recall right, the logo's character is actually in a gimp suit.

I'm also not finding it right now, so I could just have had an oddly lucid dream or something.

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