Alcohol and selfie with eye contact 

We're at a bar full of lesbians and the bartender likes us

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Selfie with eye contact 

I'm going to heist the Coliseum like I'm Carmen Sandiego

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Clinical trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn citing Covid-19 as the reason explicitly

There's a long tail to this graph

Data source:

Accidental slow-motion of the beefy beefy Jesus statue we found

Selfie with eye contact 

It's Berlin ice cream week!!

Recommendation for Scholar users especially 

Set your default posting privacy level to Unlisted and post every weirdo thought that comes through your brain there

And then be intentional about what things go on the Local Timeline—everyone on the instance will see those

That way, there's space for both

Me: Okay I waited a few minutes. Maybe it's working n—

Eu clinical trial register: Lolnope

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Me: *Cracks knuckles* Time to get to work analyzing clinical trial registry data

EU clinical trial register: *Sad trombone*

🇨🇦 ACAB 

Can you imagine someone telling you "that symbol is strongly associated with white supremacists" about something you're wearing

And your reaction being anything other than an absolute panicked scramble to distance yourself from that?

Mention of Birdsite and the insipid and smug face of true evil 


Bad takes from people with obvious financial conflicts of interest 

Jesus fuck, STAT news

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