French language pedagogy horror 

🎶 Bonjour, allô, salut! 🎶

As Pride month comes to a close

Please take these

They are a few of my most powerfully gay reaction images

You may need them on your quest

> ‘Dragon Man’ skull may help oust Neandertals as our closest ancient relative

This proto-human seems to have been the source of the "ripped af" gene in humans

Selfie; eye contact through sunglasses 

I accidentally went to Pride in

Covid stats (-) 

7-day average deaths

2021 June 20: 79
2020 June 20: 8

We're still at ~ 10 x the number of deaths as the same time last year

The pandemic isn't over yet :(

Avatar opinions 

@ljwrites @eearroyo1312 I was absolutely joking about Iroh's raw animal sexuality before but uhh 😳

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