Offer of free desk in Montreal :BoostOkay: 

Anyone in Montreal need a desk? We're getting rid of it, as it's no longer needed.

It's sturdy, top is 113 cm x 61 cm, and it's 74 cm high. Two drawers at the left. Nothing wrong with it.

Only catch is that I can't deliver it to you. You'd have to come pick it up.

:NoAt: Joke replies

Academic Tarot 

Me: Oh I'm sorry, you've drawn the II of Academia, Logic

Them: That's good right?

Me: This is associated with overconfidence and great failure and humiliation

1. How did you get my email; I am certain I didn't give it to you

2. "Exclusive preview"???

3. β€”of the Canadian Tire catalog???

:Trek: Picard S2 leaked script; :DS9: spoilers 

The owner of Earth's most powerful media company from DS9's "Past Tense" (first broadcast in 1995), left and the owner of Earth's most powerful media company (reality), right

They even look the same

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Just gonna keep this one in my back pocket for the "defeat you with facts and logic" crowd

:Trek: 🌈 πŸ™„ 

Star Trek Picard writers:

Slide exactly 10 seconds of blink-and-you-miss it same-sex hand holding with Seven of Nine and Raffi, after years of nothing in Voyager and a whole season of nothing in Picard:

Star Trek dot com:

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