Selfie with eye contact through sunglasses 

It is time

For a run!!

Everyone: Yeah Google search has gotten really shitty lately, but if you are just looking for something common like quick pop culture info, it's great


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New avi; Selfie with eye contact 

I was aiming for "Tom of Finland," but I seem to have landed on "dad from Inside Out"

All this time I was looking into Ziggy Stardust makeup so that I could do crime without facial recognition software catching me

Maybe all I need is a handwritten sign to hang around my neck that says "Justin Trudeau"

H/T @BlayneyAJ

Selfie; Eye contact through sunglasses 

I went for a run!!

Selfie with eye contact 

I went for a run

In the park!!

Ich have so viel laufen!!!

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