US politics; CBC news 

The first ~ 1:00 of CBC's hourly news right now is about the most damning summary of Trump's presidency that you can get while just reporting facts


What is it with the names of Star Trek characters always having apostrophes in it

:Discovery: S03 

~ Meanwhile on Ni'var ~

We sure haven't been able to come up with an alternative to dilithium based antimatter warp drive, nope nope nothing to see here ha ha

:Trek: reference; I'm sorry I can't resist 

Tfw your advisor turns against you, mid-thesis-defence

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Selfie, no eye contact 

Things are pretty fucked up

But once there was a rainbow that got gay all over Berlin so there's that

Everyone is out skiing in Parc Maisonneuve

It's like a French language educational video out here

Covid shitty opinion article 

"Fuck STAT news"—hear me out ...

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