Alcohol consumption in GIF 

Me: Well, I'm out of the office for the next two weeks, I hope nothing terrible happens

Them: It's only two weeks. What could happen in two weeks?


Hey anyone in Berlin got a lead on a big poofy pink dress?

Like, we're talking as close to Glinda-the-good-witch level poofy pink gigantic dress as you can get

I've tried a couple second-hand stores but haven't quite found a perfect one


Selfie through sunglasses 

If you're having a bad one, please take this gay, gay rainbow from last night, it wants you to be happy and succeed at your goals

Meta-research (+) 

It's working!!

I wrote an :rstats: script to check a very long list of drug names for synonyms that I might not notice

And it's working!!!

Selfie with eye contact 

I am so curious about this Rhubarb Schorle

Will it be terrible??

Instance meta; Gonna screenshot-dunk a troll 

Okay well

I got this troll in my mentions (see attached screenshot)

I reported them and contacted their admin, but it looks like their admin hasn't posted since Jan of 2019, so I'm not gonna hold my breath and wait for them to take action

And unless you want this guy also contacting your users ...

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Selfie with eye contact 

Attention everyone, you should be aware that:

This otter hat with a cocky little smirk and perfect otter ears

That is all

Thank you so much @eearroyo1312 !!!

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