Clinical research interrupted by Covid-19 

I estimate that over 600k patients have been enrolled in clinical trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn due to Covid-19

Parkinson's research ethics 

> Experimental Parkinson’s treatment draws ethics scrutiny with wealthy donor selected as first patient

> The problem here isn’t that Lopez received a transplant that thousands of other Parkinson’s patients wish they could try, but that a massive research effort was launched on his behalf because he paid for it.

On clinical research that has been stopped due to Covid-19 

> Among trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn citing Covid-19 as the reason, 505 (40%) included language in the β€œwhy stopped?” field that explicitly indicated an intention to start the study again after the pandemic ends. Among trials in the comparator arm taken from two years prior, 124 (9.4%) were started again within 1 year of the date when they were first stopped.

Covid-19 and research waste 

There are 14 interventional trials testing Covid-19 indications that have been terminated, suspended or withdrawn since 2019-12-01. These included 6 trials (43%) that were stopped with reasons citing an inability to accrue sufficient patients, or a coordination issue, such as another project that is too similar. These trials had a combined anticipated enrollment of 1124 patients and an actual enrollment of 237 patients.

Covid-19 research 

Weird milestone today in my project on clinical trials that stopped because of Covid-19

I identified a few trials that appeared to have stopped because of Covid-19

But in fact they were stopping because there weren't *enough* Covid-19 patients at their facility

So I did a search to double-check, and found 13 trials testing vaccines/therapies for Covid-19, 8 of which were stopped for reasons relating to accrual/coordination

Covid-19 research 

Paper from my former supervisor among others

"Ethics of controlled human infection to study COVID-19" by Shah et al. Science, 2020. :OpenAccess:



Clinical trials that were suspended, terminated or withdrawn between 2019-12-01 and 2020-05-01

Clinical trials that were stopped, citing Covid-19 as the reason are coloured green

For comparison, the second graph depicts the number of clinical trials that stopped between 2017-12-01 and 2018-05-01


Covid-19; Clinical Trials 

Posted an early draft of my project on clinical trials that stopped due to Covid-19

For-profit genome sequencing grumble 

So what if there was a law

A law requiring every single member of your extended family to consent before a for-profit company can sequence your genome, and if even a single family member refuses or can't be contacted for any reason, the process cannot continue

Saying hi! 

A re- post!

I'm the research fairy, here to make your academic problems disappear! πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ 🌈

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