Drug dev; Cussing 

Oh fuck

:doi: doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(20)

This AI recommended Sunitinib + erlotinib for Covid-19?

I uhhh know a thing or two about sunitinib's development

Carlisle, B., et al. “Benefit, Risk, and Outcomes in Drug Development: A Systematic Review of Sunitinib.” JNCI 108, no. 1 (November 7, 2015): djv292–djv292. doi.org/10.1093/jnci/djv292.

And I can tell you right now that this is a bad idea

And I am about 10 times more sceptical about baricitinib now

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Covid-19; Not-so-subtle threats to the integrity of research 

Today in "bad news about AI in health care" 

> Report: AI Company Leaks Over 2.5M Medical Records

> The leaked data relates to car accidents and includes names, insurance records, medical diagnosis notes, and payment records.


Tomorrow night (2020 Aug 4) at 2000 UTC (2200 in Berlin, 1600 in Montreal) I will be doing my presentation entitled:

Clinical agnosticism and when trials say “maybe”

In which I describe the ethical issues that result from inadequate hand-off between exploratory and confirmatory testing in clinical trials

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Clinical research interrupted by Covid-19 

I estimate that over 600k patients have been enrolled in clinical trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn due to Covid-19


Parkinson's research ethics 

> Experimental Parkinson’s treatment draws ethics scrutiny with wealthy donor selected as first patient

> The problem here isn’t that Lopez received a transplant that thousands of other Parkinson’s patients wish they could try, but that a massive research effort was launched on his behalf because he paid for it.


On clinical research that has been stopped due to Covid-19 

> Among trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn citing Covid-19 as the reason, 505 (40%) included language in the “why stopped?” field that explicitly indicated an intention to start the study again after the pandemic ends. Among trials in the comparator arm taken from two years prior, 124 (9.4%) were started again within 1 year of the date when they were first stopped.


Covid-19 and research waste 

There are 14 interventional trials testing Covid-19 indications that have been terminated, suspended or withdrawn since 2019-12-01. These included 6 trials (43%) that were stopped with reasons citing an inability to accrue sufficient patients, or a coordination issue, such as another project that is too similar. These trials had a combined anticipated enrollment of 1124 patients and an actual enrollment of 237 patients.


Covid-19 research 

Weird milestone today in my project on clinical trials that stopped because of Covid-19

I identified a few trials that appeared to have stopped because of Covid-19

But in fact they were stopping because there weren't *enough* Covid-19 patients at their facility

So I did a search to double-check, and found 13 trials testing vaccines/therapies for Covid-19, 8 of which were stopped for reasons relating to accrual/coordination

Covid-19 research 

Paper from my former supervisor among others

"Ethics of controlled human infection to study COVID-19" by Shah et al. Science, 2020. :OpenAccess:

:doi: dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.abc


Clinical trials that were suspended, terminated or withdrawn between 2019-12-01 and 2020-05-01

Clinical trials that were stopped, citing Covid-19 as the reason are coloured green

For comparison, the second graph depicts the number of clinical trials that stopped between 2017-12-01 and 2018-05-01

Source: covid19.bgcarlisle.com

Covid-19; Clinical Trials 

Posted an early draft of my project on clinical trials that stopped due to Covid-19


For-profit genome sequencing grumble 

So what if there was a law

A law requiring every single member of your extended family to consent before a for-profit company can sequence your genome, and if even a single family member refuses or can't be contacted for any reason, the process cannot continue

Canada patient data breach 

> Cyberattack exposes information of 15 million LifeLabs customers in B.C. and Ontario


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