I have successfully convinced my lab-mates to reply with {je'e} when I say {di'ai} after they sneeze

.i mi snada lo ka ce'u termu'igau da poi jibykansa lo ka ba lo nu da senci ku spuda zo di'ai zo je'e

{coi lo pendo} is how to say "Hello, friends!" in (pronounce like: "shoy low pen-doh")

Lojban Mastobot! 🤖 

Introducing la .lojbot. :D


It is a Mastobot that parses Lojban (or tells you it's not well-formed) and returns definitions of gismu, cmavo and lujvo that you search for

It also respects !deletethis replies

Built with:

* lojban-common
* github.com/halcy/Mastodon.py
* github.com/lojban/python-camxe

ni'o lo cabdei jbobau

Lojban of the day

.i .oisai snime carvi

"&%#& it's snowing"

Re- for all our new friends!

I'm a doctoral candidate studying the emergent ethical properties of portfolios of drug development in the dept of Experimental Medicine at in Montreal

I also write R (and R markdown), evangelise Zotero, and love other FOSS research tools

I post about , , (me: he/him, cis gay man) issues and I'm the admin for scholar.social (@socrates is also me)

Looking forward to getting to know all of you! :blobpats:

{ro da poi secni prenu zo'u da klama fi ma}

For all x such that x is a lonely type-of person, where does x come from?

Sing to the tune of Eleanor Rigby

In , the Vulcan word for a person's essence is "katra"

Which is morphologically acceptable for a gismu (root word) in , the logical language


Vulcan is a Lojban variant with root vocabulary chosen to represent Vulcan culture

{ni'o cabdei jbobau}

Lojban of the day

{.i lo cabdei cu mumdei .i mumdei di'ai}

Today is Friday. Happy Friday!


"co'o ro da poi remna .i mi klama lo plini poi na se xabju lo ponse be lo rupnu be li ki'o ki'o ki'o"


of the day

{ni'o cabdei jbobau}

{di'ai} is what you say when someone sneezes

{.i .ei cusku zo di'ai bazi lo nu da senci}

Lojban of the Day

{ni'o cabdei jbobau}

Well I seem to be the only one who made it to the office today

{.i ja'o mi po'o ca lo cabdei cu zvati lo briju}

So many new friends, time for re-!

I'm a PhD candidate and Rabinowitch fellow for medical ethics in the department of Experimental Medicine at McGill University. I work in the STREAM (Studies of Translation, Ethics and Medicine) research group.

My research is mostly on cancer drug development ethics, but I also write software for general use in general medical systematic reviews.

Interests also include and

~ Lojban of the day ~

{ni'o cabdei jbobau}

"I'm studying cancer drug development ethics in grad school."

{.i mi bavmulcu'e tadni lo kenra micyxu'i finti madyske}

Fun thing:

Due to the structure of the language, you can use capital letters to indicate where a word is stressed and then eliminate spaces between the words, and there is no ambiguity in meaning

In fact, the Lojban parser recognises this: lojban.github.io/ilmentufa/glo

This means that you can have phrases or entire sentences in Lojban in and the lack of spaces will never bork them up

I am the grad school fairy, here to make your research problems disappear!

Or in :

.i mi'e la crida be lo bavmulcu'e .i mi zvati tu'a do ki'u lo du'u cancygau ro da poi nabmi do lo nu datnysisku

I am also a doctoral candidate at McGill U in Montreal, where I work with the STREAM research group. My research is in medical research ethics.

My blog: bgcarlisle.com/blog/

I'm a trekkie. I'm also super-queer and love to make straight boys uncomfortable. I play the fiddle.

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