Clinical research interrupted by Covid-19 

I estimate that over 600k patients have been enrolled in clinical trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn due to Covid-19

Parkinson's research ethics 

> Experimental Parkinson’s treatment draws ethics scrutiny with wealthy donor selected as first patient

> The problem here isn’t that Lopez received a transplant that thousands of other Parkinson’s patients wish they could try, but that a massive research effort was launched on his behalf because he paid for it.

Paper from colleagues in my research group 

"Ethical development of stem-cell-based interventions" by MacPherson and Kimmelman.

New paper bragging 

New paper!

"Impact of Precision Medicine on Efficiencies of Novel Drug Development in Cancer" by Sarvas et al :OpenAccess: :doi:

Saying hi! 

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Drug development ethics 

> Postmarketing commitments for novel drugs and biologics approved by the US Food and Drug Administration: a cross-sectional analysis

Turns out that most postmarketing commitments *are* followed-up with registered clinical trials (~90%), although there is a low rate of publication (~48%)

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Congrats to my colleague Carole on her new paper published today!

Assessment of Pregabalin Postapproval Trials and the Suggestion of Efficacy for New Indications


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