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I'm the research fairy, here to make your academic problems disappear! 🧚‍♂️ 🌈

Recent experimental medicine PhD graduate from McGill in . Research interests include: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Expect a lot of posts about :Trek: if you follow me, though

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I'm The research fairy, here to make your academic problems disappear

I'm also admin for

I am a doctoral candidate at in in Experimental Medicine, with an MA in and a BA in

I write here about , other TV shows (:ReBoot:, sorry), , academia generally, and being a queer

I try to balance anger, levity and sincerity and I just want the best for you all


Hi everyone! I'm a PhD candidate at in , researching , or specifically

I love , , #🍍, and I'm very very queer ()


My blog is here:

I started after being abused on mainstream social media, so that academics could have an alternative to birbsite that isn't full of trolls, racists and homophobes

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I'm a doctoral candidate studying the emergent ethical properties of portfolios of drug development in the dept of Experimental Medicine at in Montreal

I also write R (and R markdown), evangelise Zotero, and love other FOSS research tools

I post about , , (me: he/him, cis gay man) issues and I'm the admin for (@socrates is also me)

Looking forward to getting to know all of you! :blobpats:

In , the Vulcan word for a person's essence is "katra"

Which is morphologically acceptable for a gismu (root word) in , the logical language


Vulcan is a Lojban variant with root vocabulary chosen to represent Vulcan culture

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I'm a PhD candidate and Rabinowitch fellow for medical ethics in the department of Experimental Medicine at McGill University. I work in the STREAM (Studies of Translation, Ethics and Medicine) research group.

My research is mostly on cancer drug development ethics, but I also write software for general use in general medical systematic reviews.

Interests also include and

Don't remember where I first found this blog post, but it is great for analysing the drift of Kirk toward Zapp Brannigan

As a trekkie and a Canadian, I insist on always pronouncing "lieutenant" with the "f" sound when I talk about characters in this programme with other people

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