bird site, crypto, kickstarter, etc 

crypto bros are on birdsite saying 'why aren't you people who said you'd stop using kickstarter cuz of the blockchain deleting your twitter accounts after the nft integration?' and it's the first good point made by any crypto bros. why not

I want to persuade this person to toot instead of tweet (and also to share their sources)

@balrogboogie Or idk maybe not that implementation exactly

Because I don't want to have to log out/log in again on my phone too

Maybe just:

[Focus mode] button

Click it and then it just pauses the timeline/notifications/everything for you, as if nothing at all was happening

@balrogboogie Yeah

Log out >

[Prevent logging back in for (1 day)] [Log out] [Cancel]

An option on Masto logout that offers to block login for a set period of time so you can work on something without being tempted

Call it "focus mode"

Rejuvenating cleanser:

500 mL crypto bro tears

Apply directly to soul, repeat

Magic comb changes person's size
at will.

~ Looking at the curve of Covid case numbers in Germany ~

(Weakly) To the moon ...

@Cyborgneticz the want The Answers that easily fit in with science they know or think they know and biases they won’t interrogate.

Had an evopsych guy in gaming explain to a friend the biological reasons for girls liking pink

*incredibly long camera stare in history/material culture/18th century manhood*

I don't understand why people can't see how evo psych is just sexist racist pseudo-science.
I am confusion.

Witches shake fruit off trees
to punish owner.

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