Self care, research on QAnon, advice ask 

Have any of y'all done sustained research on hate groups?

What are your tips for self care during this.
Going to be working on a book around QAnon, and I've never worked on a project like this. I suspect I'll need self care, and that it might be a bit different than my self care for dissertating and working

Took a camera photo of the #lichen too since the lens I had on can do reasonable macro. I think it's maritime sunburst lichen. :)

#Mosstodon #florespondence #Photography Nikon Z6, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Darktable

Rat servants cut jungle down,
till soil
for master.

can't sleep because I'm having thoughts like "every horse is just a three-dimensional excitation of a universal horsefield"

A sea shanty written by a bot 

That deck the Arctic Sea.
Yo ho ho and a glass in her pies.
Many a sailorman like me.
An able sailor, bold and brave, hear our cries

Kidnapped away in a battered head
While the raging main, I must obey.
Her eyes are like the rosebuds red
Yo ho ho and a half a day

On the day

That my sister sent us the video

Of my 1-year-old nibling first learning to turn a doorknob

My other sister and I

Independently replied

"Clever girl"

The day that I discovered that I can just push control-R and search through my old commands in the command line was a good day

Avatar opinions 

@eearroyo1312 @ljwrites I noticed that they don't have beaks

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