The fediverse is mostly lovely but there's some real rotters on it too blimey. When I first joined the fediverse it seemed like some magical wonderland where finally online social spaces could be exciting again. I felt excitement again. It all felt so great!
The longer we spend here I think the more we see the flaws in the paintwork. It's not enough to paint over it, of course. I guess this toot is to give thanks to the people doing something about the mould, and to ask others to pitch in

KIRA: It's good to know something. Everybody has to be made public.
ZIYAL: The question is, have you been waiting long? KIRA: That's up to you.
WORF: How are your orders, Captain? The food is not really dead?
NOG: If you want something done right, you have forgotten when we get rid of Frankie Eyes?


who would win: billion dollar facial recognition technology or one (1) umbrella

What, T. F. (2019). Please God just let me do it: I don't want to get arrested for plagiarism. Journal of Horrible Group Projects, 4(20), 60-69.




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like literally just do quotas for race/gender in science and engineering. "b-b-b-but what if they dont *deserve* it" lmao you think what we have now is a meritocracy? working at any random tech co for 2 weeks would disabuse you of that notion

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