:Trek:; Creepy behaviour mention, Levar Burton meme 

Try, just *try* to name me a thirstier song than Gloria Gaynor's "All I need Is Your Sweet Loving" (1975)

Tending to your #privacy is like making sure you have your #vaccination. Even if you have no particular personal risk, there are vulnerable people around you: Whistle blowers, human rights activists, investigative reporters, the wrongfully pursued. If everyone sells their privacy except a few, those few stand out and are cornered quickly. But if it is a societal norm to protect your privacy, these heroines and heroes of our time are protected as well.

This is a joke 

@ink_slinger Also, in a dance-off, it would require *less* suspension of disbelief in cases where the little guy ends up dominating tbh

Don't act like half the fight scenes aren't absolutely contrived either

Just do a string replace for "trial by combat" and insert "trial by dance-off"

The story makes just as much sense

And those montages that start with bare-hands push-ups in which the hero preps for the climactic battle scene?

Replace those with montages of them picking up some sick moves in like a dance studio or something

This post is brought to you by the "gets bored during long fight scenes" crew

Replace πŸ‘ every πŸ‘ fight-scene πŸ‘ with πŸ‘ an πŸ‘ epic πŸ‘ dance-off

Super Mario Brothers (1993) spoilers 

Super Mario Brothers (1993) spoilers 

Super Mario Brothers (1993) spoilers 

Super Mario Brothers (1993) spoilers; Strong language 

Super Mario Brothers (1993) spoilers 

The part where the World Trade Center dissolves was one of many reasons why this movie could not have been made today

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