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The research fairy @[email protected]

We need to figure out (or someone needs to introduce me to..) a good alternative to Facebook Events ASAP.

I briefly reactivated my FB account (because reasons) and stumbled across a public lecture about Thomas Sankara, and an event put on by the Chilean embassy about Project Cybersyn. And it's an absolute crime that Facebook is the only way to discover these.

@interfly Gotta embrace the splinter dialects haha

It's messy and experimental and I love it

@interfly .i .ua ji'a mi jbopre

.i so'u da poi jbopre cu zvati la .mastodon.

Grimdark Trek: Discovery Show more

hey if you dont like mastodon and you're on maybe try another instance before giving up on it entirely?

My little sister likes to make us matcha tea lattes

Hey everyone, remember to CW your political posts please!

@mbbrown Is there any particular aspect of philosophy of science you're looking into?

protip: "we'll only moderate it if it breaks the law" is not how you foster a good community

I just got word that the research review passed
to quote the wise words of the Ancients:
woop woop

Wishful thinking Show more

Please hold, your call is important to us. So important. It is like a dewfall in the desert, slaking our thirst. The only subsistence we've known in years. Oh sweet caller, merciful caller, terrrible, terrible caller. If only you knew. If only you knew.

how foss a phone can can you have? how foss a phone can you have with a good camera?

Open-source software can be a huge mental burden on those who write it, but it also adds some incredible beauty and value to the world. It's a rare kind of software that tends to be an expression of someone's passion rather than the goals of some corporation or organization. Let's make sure there's more of it in the world.