New in this update:

* Punkin
* Sammich


* Pumpkin
* Sandwich


Chillin like a villain on penicillin for a dental fillin

Curate your own Fediverse 

I think my favourite unnecessary apostrophe use is:


Request for predictions of the Canadian election 🇨🇦 :BoostOkay: 

Me, singing softly at Jeff Bezos' bedside, when it is Already Too Late To Stop Me:

🎶 When I've burned up all your money
It will be funny
It's a rich man's world
(Doot doot doot doo-doo)
(Doot doot doot doo-doo)
It's a rich man's world 🎶

Alcohol mention 

'Democracy is awesome': Former Syrian refugees vote as Canadian citizens 

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