Fediblock suggestion 

I propose that Mastodon.Social go onto the #FediBlock list for excessive spam, in addition to just general lack of moderation, allowing for all kinds of bigotry to fester. I reported 3 out of many more accounts, all spamming me from Mastodon.social to try the new official Mastodon app. The spam isn't stopping, either.

Markov bot text 

ZIYAL: I think it's safe to say you have a lot to learn.

But... Myspace is dead... in fact, it died one hundred years ago this very night πŸ‘»

No I don't have the music from Cabaret stuck in my head

~ 30 seconds later ~


Canadians in Germany 🀝 Cabaret
"Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!"

:LeVarDislike: Tarot cards, seeing a fortune-teller, reading tea leaves

:LeVarLike: Putting my question in as a text prompt for that neural net art generator site and squinting at it to try to interpret the result

I'm really waiting to parent teacher conferences to be like

'So your kid quotes Kant'

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Virgin Mary intercepts an arrow
in battle.

Tech gripe 

Y'ever stop to think about the incredible amount of damage that Google has done to the world, just in terms of the great ideas it has acquired and then shuttered

All in the name of expanding their for-profit adtech empire

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Tech gripe 

Keeping one's own data is difficult and expensive and error prone, you should use a cloud service to ensure longevity

~ Google buys the cloud service; shuts it down ~


Anyone: Well it's all been done before

just ignore the size of the gap and you're good

Okay but what if many of the comic-relief "loser" characters from TV shows and movies from the 80's and 90's were actually caricatures of non-toxic masculinity designed to do nothing other than say "no homo" on behalf of an actual asshole main character by contrast, and this trope was entirely motivated by a deeply-felt anxiety on the part of straight people over the increasing legitimacy of queer people

I block anyone I see posting 4chan style memes, I don't vibe with people that use fascisms love language to communicate and you shouldn't either

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