Without fail noses itch when these two situations are present.

1. You've got into a comfortable position for meditation.

2. In the lab after washing hands, donning gloves, and handling culture, or chemicals.

Some easy-to-care-for plant suggestions for beginners:

• Chlorophytum (spider plant)
• Dracaena (any species)
• Pothos vine (Epipremnum aureum)
• Heartleaf philodendron
• Rubber plant
• Pilea (Chinese money plant)
• Peperomia (any species)
• Bromeliad (most varieties, but Guzmania is probably the easiest)
• Peace lily
• Snake plant

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The Gaston diet:

* 5 dozen eggs qd

Stop diet when approximate the mass of the ocean-going vessel of your choice

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Due to personal reasons I will be running a ponzi scheme to pay for grad school thank you for understanding

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Being able to point at something you love and admit it’s kinda garbage is really freeing? Like you don’t have to defend it to the death anymore you’re just like “yea it sucks but I love it”

How good something is and how much you enjoyed it can be two entirely separate things if you want them to be

@balrogboogie "At first it was a shock, but after a few days, my personal assistant was more than happy to print out my emails for me"

Maybe the real "digital detox" was having the sort of privileges that allow one to take a "digital detox" in the first place, all along

It would be cool to have some kind of "careers advice" hashtag on scholar.social o:

@nightingale Hi welcome!

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The rules are different here from other instances, and it's not everyone's cup of tea

But if you read that and think "yes I'm in the right place!" then pull up a chair and make yourself at home :)

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I'd like to follow more plant biologists, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and environmental scientists. Searching hashtags isn't getting me anywhere. Recommendations?

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