Eating everything in my fridge means: biting into a wedge of Bree like it's an apple

make sure your presence isn't the thing that makes your fashy friends feel human and loved

Clouds are starting to roll in

Thanks for the good weather, Berlin

It lasted longer than I expected!

US executive order; Descent into overt fascism; Cussing 

Holy shit

The cognitive dissonance required to invoke the memory of Rosa Parks and Dr King and then continue to write this holier-than-thou "racism is already fixed so don't talk about it" manifesto

USpol, Fascism, Link from the White House 

Exec order just came down yesterday, antiracism and antisexist education is now essentialy forbidden in government agencies. This is straight up "war is peace, ignorance is wisdom" shit

@Taweret The announcement is scheduled for a respectful 20 minutes after Sir Ian McKellan's passing

You writing your dissertation? 

Hey you there - working on your dissertation?
Be proud of yourself.
You're basically writing a book, and that's hard, but you're doing it.

Good job.

One of my PhD supervisors was from another uni and never got any formal credit from her uni for helping me out (which she did, a lot).

She has since quit that uni, because of all the inevitable bullshit of unis, and is doing what she wants.

She's still supervising students that are completing their postgrad, and organising group catch-ups with all of us so we can talk about how we're feeling, and be examples for each other that there is hope.

She's basically the best

Markov bot text 

WEYOUN: You have no idea why?
KASIDY: It's just when we made our plans I forgot I had such a crush on him.

Markov bot text 

WINN: Any news about the Restoration of Bajor.
LWAXANA: I don't quite understand. It's been in my own house.

Markov bot text 

ODO: There are over nine hundred Starfleet officers posted on the command level working perfectly.
WINN: If you are the true gods.

Giving people likes when I'm not in the thread just like driving past slowly giving everyone a thumbs up

What research is like 

Come to think of it, "differences in estimates for the length of time a task will take to complete" is a plot point in a lot of episodes of Star Trek

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Markov bot text 

WEYOUN: Otherwise we never would have killed everyone in this room.
DAX: Oh, I found this.

Alcohol consumption in GIF 

Me: Well, I'm out of the office for the next two weeks, I hope nothing terrible happens

Them: It's only two weeks. What could happen in two weeks?


Friends, if you are an educator or know an educator who fits this - there are grants available for anti-racist abolitionist educators and beyond


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