grad school app aaaaagggghhh 

@frustratedantiquarian Oh no that's terrible

I'm so sorry

A supercut of all the scenes of forced laughter

At bad jokes told as comic relief

From the ends of Star Trek episodes

Actually, it's "hipstre"

That's the Canadian spelling

You might not have heard of it before

The feeling in your legs when you went for a short run

After a long time of not going for a run at all

:DS9: :ProgressivePride: 

Reminder that Jadzia Dax is canonically queer, has changed genders and has a wrestling fetish

Boston carcinization: a difficult-to-explain aspect of convergent evolution, in which pro wrestlers mysteriously keep applying the Boston crab

The spaces that we build constrain the lives we can live

If every floor space in your home is not a wrestling mat

You are choosing to decrease the potential suplexes that are possible in your life

suplexes look to me like the sort of wrestling move that is more taxing on the person executing the move than the recipient. It looks like lifting an entire person to give them a fun ride.

*Looks in the bathroom mirror at my facial hair*

🎶 You are so beardiful, to me
You are so beardiful, to me
Can't you see— 🎶

@Cyborgneticz I haven't read it, so I can't vouch for its quality, but it's good that there's someone who's out there to debunk charlatans of this type haha

@Cyborgneticz The first one is a real book

The second one is imaginary

I think

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