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I'll be brief: I miss a Twitter's Bookmarks alike feature, allowing to check toots later. Starring toots has a different meaning for me. Is there any chance to implement this feature in the near-medium term, @Gargron , @Tusky? Thanks for reading!

dear website designers:

that thing you do, where i scroll down and down and when i hit the bottom of the article, oh whoops! suddenly i'm at the top of a completely different page?

that is fucking abysmal design. it's user hostile. it makes your website unusable. it makes me NEVER EVER want to come back to your website. for anything. more to the point, it tells me that YOU don't want to use your website either. and nor do the people who pay you.

The Van Gogh Museum has digitalised and made available for download 986 of his paintings for non-commercial use! And there's contact information if you'd like to use it for commercial projects. A PDF with terms and conditions can be downloaded if you click the download button on a painting.
#art #vangogh

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stop expecting people fighting for their lives to be kind when advocating for themselves 🙃

be more empathetic to the fact that we are fighting to survive (literally!!!!!) and be heard by people who Do Not Care about us

it’s not going to be pretty and calm. people are dying out here or at the threat of death due to these issues.

we do not owe kindness when fighting for space to live.

@elementary Hi! If I wanted to report a bug in the mail app that comes with elementary, where should I do that?


“Of course, if people with tenure were teaching five or six courses a semester at different institutions, their productivity presumably would take a significant hit. Further, once someone has not produced much for several years, it becomes virtually impossible to find a tenure-stream position. The assumption is, well, once a productivity loser, always a productivity loser. How marvelously insidious: a self-fulfilling, self-justifying framework for exploitation.”

Hey, any time there's a paywall on Public Domain or otherwise legally free info, liberate it. Throw it up somewhere, put it on your favorite tracker, give it to all your friends. Punch a hole in that boat.

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Does anyone have any resources for lit review writing?

I've got my notes and articles rather well organized, but the actual writing of the lit review on this proposal is kicking my ass.

"My institution says I have financial conflicts that must be declared." Buddy, there are six different biotechs listed on that slide. You shouldn't need to be told that requires disclosure.

Are there researchers that get (partly) funded through Patreon? There are probably enough points to be made against this but I find the idea intriguing.

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