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Are there #biology people here? Maybe even #marinebiology people? I don't know where to ask but I might be working on a project to track #linedseahorse genetic diversity and it looks like #poplink is the software people use.

It's Windows only as far as I can tell and while I guess I could run it under WINE it would be cool if there were something that I could use on Linux. Or even better, an OSS project that I could maybe even contribute to?

there is literally no difference between marketing emails and spam

The science are multiplying!

I don't know the lower left moon language, but I'll try to translate the Swedish one:

'An inventor living in some backwater
wrote to the patent bureau last quarter
"I've halted the flow,
made vacuum-dried H2O,
you only need to add water!"'

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The Canadian establishment (via the Globe&Mail) laments that people outside of Alberta generally just don't want pipelines.

Here's a radical idea: let's move away from an economic paradigm based on fossil fuel extraction, export and burning. Then there will be none of this drama and we can all get along with our lives.

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Why we can’t regulate Google, etc:

Because of useful idiots like @conservancy legitimising them by being sponsored by them.

Me: Google is a surveillance capitalist that makes billions tracking and profiling you. They are a threat to our human rights and democracy. We just regulate them.

Policymaker: you must be mistaken, they’re the good guys. Look, here they are allowed to sponsor CopyLeft Conf with the FSF logo displayed proudly next to theirs.

I can never find it, but back during all those clown sightings there was an article where a sheriff was telling people not to worry because "he believed it wasn't real clowns, just people in clown outfits" and I think about that all the time

@isa_araceli Hey, don't feel pressured to do so, but it's common for new users to write a post tagged so that we can get to know you better :)

Would love to have one from you!

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What fool called it CERN and not the Collide-o-scope?

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