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What would happen if I ever actually social climbed to the top of a university 

✅ You got your PhD hooray!
✅ You got a postdoc hooray!
✅ You got a professorship hooray!
✅ You got tenure hooray!
✅ You were promoted to department chair hooray!
✅ You were promoted to dean of your faculty hooray!
✅ You were promoted to chancellor oh no now you spend your whole day talking and writing about your university's football team in order to bring in alumni donations; you lost by winning

Weird thing

There are people who got too good at academia, and now their job is mostly to manage a sports brand

Can we just stop giving Disney all the money for bullshit please? We're investing in the growth of a monster

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware 

OMG can everyone please stop using comic sans in technical figures and then publishing them in formal scientific papers!?

*checks watch* oh cool its that time again
*gets up on soapbox*
gimp fucking sucks

How do we develop learning environments where students are not afraid of making mistakes?

If Einstein was so great, why isn't there a Zweistein?

Toxic masc sad 

This is monilaria moniliformis, and it’s a succulent that looks like little fuzzy bunnies.

I hope you’re having a nice afternoon! 💚

linux question about screen readers 




After freezing rain in Michigan, apples that hadn’t been picked got coated in ice. Many fell off the tree. Some had their insides turn to mush as apples have lower freezing points. The mush and skin fell, leaving these “ghost apples.”

📷: Andrew Sietsema


There is no honor in taking abuse from people that mean you harm.

There is nothing shameful about erring on the side of your self interest if you are unsure about a person's intent when they engage.

People that have genuine good interests and make positive contributions consistently to the community around them will prove that out over time.

As in life, not everybody is here to be your friend.

It's ok to let people prove that they are good people. Good people don't mind doing that.

Building healthy spaces means recognizing and dealing with behaviors and actions that are counter to said spaces.

Attempting to assuage bigots in the hope they act like decent people eventually doesn't contribute to a healthy environment.

Giving carte blanche deference to every idea one comes across for the sake of 'objectivity' does not contribute to a healthy space.

Everyone has to decide what kind fo community they want to be a part of. Do you really want good spaces or just appear to be?

Tech mention (-) 

Personal; Weekend plans 

@dankwraith @bgcarlisle hell, astronomy...Aldebaran? Rigel? Deneb? Medicine, chemistry...

if you honestly think islamic culture contributed nothing to civilization you need to read about how algebra was developed and learn some god damned respect

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