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Rape, slavery, pirates, Confederacy 

To computer nerds who make computer stuff for other people 

Killer app for this printer:

Printing a document as expected

No one, to my knowledge, has tried to invent this yet

tech, AI, modération, hate speech, bias 

Here's my tech startup idea:

A printer that actually works

John Stuart Mills being wrong about speech, redux 

@gasedwards Hi! Don't feel pressured, but it's common for new users to write a post tagged where you tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you better :)

Moore's law walks into a bar and buys a round for the bar. Programmers immediately buy another 10,000 rounds expecting to put it on their tab. None of them have noticed that Moore's law left the bar a while ago.

Transparence et #Google
-chercheurs: l’algorithme de YouTube favorise les vidéos d’extrême droite
-YouTube: Nos chiffres prouvent le contraire.
-journalistes: Montrez-nous les chiffres qu’on puisse constater qui a raison.
-YouTube : C’est confidentiel.

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

FB(I) nightmare 

Honestly, text based adventures deserve more innovation and development as a genre.

It's not outdated so much as it is not properly utilized. Books aren't outdated just because movies exist, and text based adventures aren't outdated just because graphical adventures exist.

#gaming #gamedev

Joke, SMBC 

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