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How to fix the drug pricing problem 

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This wario/waluigi β€œfriends” thing has me fucked up. I was positive they were brothers. Charles Martinet sort of suggests they’re a couple????????????

Video game idea:

You play as a new hire in some SV corp. The gameplay revolves around handling your workday events (checking emails, answering calls, solving puzzles in the form of spreadsheets, meeting colleagues etc..). Each workday has recurring as well as random events. You need to manage your work/life balance while getting things done.

Short after being assigned to a new project, you begin noticing odd exchanges, references to other projects with ominous code names etc... that pick the interest both you and some of your colleagues.

As you decide which lead to follow, the troubling truth about what the corporation is actually working on begins to unfold.

Your goal becomes collecting enough evidence to expose the company.


Today's meme is:

"The sleepiest puppy"

Please post accordingly

One of the most beautiful words in the language: unsubscribe.

Note for other instance admins; Strong language 

8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest, 8 hours for er.. cooking and eating and dishes and shower and maybe an hour to make art oh fuck I'm living my life in the margins the walls are closing in

Tired: ironic moustaches

Wired: sincere and wholesome moustaches

Inspired: Tom-of-Finland sex-cop in a moustache who just wants you to succeed in your goals and be happy

The greatest grift the privileged ever ran was convincing everybody that "Anarchy" was another word for "Chaos", and not an ideology based in the dismantling of hierarchy to be replaced with a system founded in equity. It’s almost like a small albeit powerful group of pplΒ΄s privilege and influence depends on a strict pecking order they’d do literally anything to maintain :blobcatglaredrink: . Almost :TDR: :TDR: :TDR: .

Flood caused
by loosing fairy horse
and allowing it
to stale.

So today I found out DC's captain marvel(shazam) is actually fallen out of copyright.
So you could make a thor vs Shazam movie, so long as you treaded around the elements that are exclusive to the marvel and dc versions.

jesus said rich people cant go to heaven?? how bad can they really be *gets older* never mind he was right

Enjoy the last days of summer.
Y'all better enjoy yourselves. Be hot garbage. Be cold garbage. Be recycling. Sleep in. Be a mild hedonist. Be a big hedonist.

Have a good ass time before the semester begins and the grind gets harder (let's be real it never ends)

(goddess's)wagon drawn
by unusual animals.

Help with Toot app 

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