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Who called them “mathematicians” and not “designated derivers”

I'm about to have the most peaceful day possible. I'm going to take the train, I'm going to enjoy the sound of the rails, the sunshine on my face, sit in the park and read a book, and maybe visit a library I haven't been in before

9/11 jokes 

Hello! So I'm just about to start my MA, and I'm making a pre-PhD 'bucket list' of activities that would help me get some good experience/field knowledge under my belt before I start applying for doctoral funding. E.g. I've written that I'd like to get a second article written and submitted for publication, go to some relevant conferences and maybe shadow or interview someone in a similar specialism. Are there any other activities that might not be so obvious? (Oh and I'm a literature student!)

Stretching my face muscles

Anticipating that I'll be expressing myself with them later

The premise of the panopticon is that you don't know if you're being observed, but are forced into a position where you always might be.

Machine learning enforces a constant observation. Everything is part of the training data or what the training data will be compared to. The panopticon as a metaphor is optimistic.

I got told off for not mentioning the panopticon in my essay feedback, after having to cut my two paragraph explanation of why it wasn't relevant here for excessive wordcount.

pun on the word "hungary" sorry 


If you are a Canadian academic living outside of Canada, you CAN VOTE in the coming federal election! Supreme Court ruling this year made it possible for expats to vote! Get on the international voters' registry here:

My colleague just successfully defended her PhD thesis

I'm so proud!

My favorite time of the year is when people have given up on the gym so I'm left alone

Anyone else feel like SEO saturation -- and especially saturation by products, product shills, and content farms -- has made web searches way less useful than they were 5-10 years ago?

bats are so cute. they’re all like *flapflapflapflap* (screeching noise)

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