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Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop:

And the thing is 200k isn't a lot of money to a company like Microsoft.

They say they disagree with 🍊 's policies, but not enough to actually do anything to make difference in the harm they cause.

This is how oppression works. It doesn't matter what you say. What matter is what you do.

Either you are helping or you're not. Talking is irrelevant. It always has been.

Food mention, set theory 

Editorialized snark about Microsoft Github and ICE 

It's "male and female he created them"

Not "male xor female he created them"

Supporting students, uspol 

"oh yeah? well could a 'poorly designed' operating system do this?"

*tries to install update on it's own, doesn't succeed, never starts up again*

Hey, someone on here wrote a software license that's explicitly designed to be socially progressive; anyone able to point me towards it? I forget what it's called.

what does 'double drop D' mean. does it mean you have two strings tuned to D

@velexiraptor YES. As Bonhoeffer, a pastor who assisted in plots to kill Hitler said, sometimes God calls you to violence and you only know what that means when God speaks.

ppl who want to deprive you of the ability to exist in this world deserve nothing besides your full capacity to revolt, no matter how genteel they are

and not the namby-pamby uwu arrest me cop senpai XR "revolution" - anything that works to change their minds or remove them from positions where they can prevent you from existing

if you dont know what dialectics are, that invalidates literally any actual physical activism you've ever done.

knowing what praxis is > doing a praxis

them's the facts

That panicky "wait, when does my passport expire again?" feeling just before a trip, when it's too late to do anything about it

:Trek: :Discovery: 

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