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I'm seeing a few new people cautiously say things like "let's enjoy this place before the bad people get here" and I just want to say:

Don't worry! They're already here! But thanks to the heroic work of your instance moderators and admins, you will never see them. And if they do show up then your mods will get rid of them: unlike Twitter, the reporting functions here are reviewed by real people who don't care about turning a profit, and instead focus on enforcing community guidelines

Fash in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 

> Leak of thousands of posts from defunct neo-Nazi forum offers clues to identify Canadian members

my only real advice to newcomers is please don't stay on .social, federation is pointless if everyone's in the same place. find a smaller instance that feels right for you

Question of the day: do you have student loan debt?

"What Millenials Can Learn about Resilience from My Trials with Buying a Boat"
-By Fungust ChuckleFucker

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hi everyone, if you are new to mastodon, please go to your settings, then the "other" category, then turn off search engine indexing. it's a safety feature that makes it a little bit harder for strangers to find your posts.

Bragging about publications 

Chapters of my doctoral thesis that have been published:

βœ… Sunitinib
βœ… Imatinib
:loading: Monotherapy
βœ… Combination therapy
βœ… Clinical Agnosticism

Reminder to new users on 

Your value as a person is not based on your ability to produce journal articles, get high scores on tests, etc.

You deserve respect and dignity regardless

Academic job search stuff πŸŽ“ 

Life hack: when you add email hyperlinks to a document in LibreOffice, e.g. your contact email in your curriculum vitae, you can also suggest an email subject line

Me: Im getting into gardening lately

Colleague: You can make a lot of money landscaping you know

Me: No I mean like fruit and veg

C: Ah to sell?

Me: No for me and to give away to my neighbours

C: So how are you making money from it?

Me: No, its a hobby and a way to provide for people

C: Yeah but you should really be thinking how to monetise it

Me: I dont think I can continue to talk to you anymore

if a cis person asks you about "the operation", don't worry, they're just being crass. they don't actually know about the covert strike to overthrow the fascist oligarchs in this country

The issues plaguing birdsite India isn't a bug, it's by design. Their entire business model is dependent upon giving maximum reach for terrible takes on divisive issues and profiting off of the subsequent moral outrage.

Capitalism didn't give you internet. Much of what you see in internet came from volunteer labour of open source projects.

Capitalism gave you paywalls and hundred spam mails a day and sites you can't open because a thousand ads are covering the entire content.

Young blood transfusions; Medium link (sorry) 

Ways to kill a vampire:

❌ FDA intervention

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Young blood transfusions; Medium link (sorry) 

@bgcarlisle I'm just picturing an IV bag full of marshmallows

Young blood transfusions; Medium link (sorry) 

> People really like the Ambrosia name and brand, so Ambrosia is going to continue


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Young blood transfusions; Medium link (sorry) 

> Ambrosia, the Young Blood Transfusion Startup, Is Quietly Back in Business

> it paused operations after an FDA notice, but customer demand remained high

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