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Masto etiquette/abusive behaviour mention 

If you circumvent a block

That is abusive

Full stop

You dont need a reason to block, mute, or defederate, its your boundary to set for whatever reason or lack of a reason you like.

If you want to block someone because their display name has a prime number of characters, weird but go ahead!

The bag doesn't specify one way or the other

So I hope

Boy do I hope

That this tea

Has caffeine

all i'm saying is, with the proper techniques and suitably pliable gold wire, you could totally crochet a turing-complete scarf

Making a new genre of music for planning heists to.

It's called "caperwave"

"HAVE FUN and survive" will be my new motto in life.

> Archivists Are Trying to Make Sure a β€˜Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes Down

> A new project aims to make LibGen, which hosts 33 terabytes of scientific papers and books, much more stable.

Scientist: Were you all always screaming inside before? Or is this just because of what this device means for the future of humanity?

Volunteers 1 and 2: *Shrug and make "little of column A, little bit of column B" gesture with hands*

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Scientist: Science has perfected a brain-scanner that can read your internal monologue and convert it to audio! Let's give it a try.

*The scanner is pointed at Volunteer 1*

Volunteer 1's internal monologue: *Just screaming*

Scientist: Oh there's something wrongβ€”another volunteer?

*The same thing happens*

*Scientist points the scanner at random members of the audience; everyone is screaming inside*

writing anxiety, academic soul-searching (thread) 

there’s little extrinsic motivation in academia. I got better money as a sysadmin, 15 years ago. the only way this works is intrinsic motivation. yet almost everybody I know is by now thoroughly disillusioned with academia. this year I met 1 person who still believed in their work, and it was so rare and inspiring. but me, I find it hard to feel purposeful these days.

the sheer optimism and euphoria of the initial literature search is such a fun ride, until you come to terms with the fact that you CANNOT read 40 articles and 20 books in a month

scolding people for being addicted to social media because they desire human connection is like scolding people for being addicted to food because they eat at taco bell twice a week

:Trek: Star Trek 3 spoilers 


David: Uhh scientific research misconduct mostly tbh

Opinions on "digital detox" type stuff 

@bgcarlisle "Digital detox" is the "let's ban plastic straws" of tech policy.

Opinions on "digital detox" type stuff 

This way when someone says

"I hate Google/Amazon/whatever"

The other person hears "I look at my phone too much, silly me what a faux pas!"

And they don't hear: "Google is engaging in union-busting and Amazon is lowering worker safety standards with impunity. Facebook is probably why we have Brexit and Trump."

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Opinions on "digital detox" type stuff 

The real evil of all those "digital detox" articles

Is to frame anything bad about Big Tech in terms of the responsibility of individual consumers of their products

And make us all think of them as "something bad sure, but not all that bad, and besides, we are using them voluntarily,"

Rather than letting us think about them as being serious and intentional threats to human rights and democracy that need to be destroyed with the force of law

Omg the Penguin from the Adam West Batman is Mr Wordsworth from The Twilight Zone's The Obsolete Man

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