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Masto etiquette/abusive behaviour mention 

You dont need a reason to block, mute, or defederate, its your boundary to set for whatever reason or lack of a reason you like.

If you want to block someone because their display name has a prime number of characters, weird but go ahead!

The bag doesn't specify one way or the other

So I hope

Boy do I hope

That this tea

Has caffeine

all i'm saying is, with the proper techniques and suitably pliable gold wire, you could totally crochet a turing-complete scarf

Making a new genre of music for planning heists to.

It's called "caperwave"

"HAVE FUN and survive" will be my new motto in life.

> Archivists Are Trying to Make Sure a β€˜Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes Down

> A new project aims to make LibGen, which hosts 33 terabytes of scientific papers and books, much more stable.

Scientist: Were you all always screaming inside before? Or is this just because of what this device means for the future of humanity?

Volunteers 1 and 2: *Shrug and make "little of column A, little bit of column B" gesture with hands*

Scientist: Science has perfected a brain-scanner that can read your internal monologue and convert it to audio! Let's give it a try.

*The scanner is pointed at Volunteer 1*

Volunteer 1's internal monologue: *Just screaming*

Scientist: Oh there's something wrongβ€”another volunteer?

*The same thing happens*

*Scientist points the scanner at random members of the audience; everyone is screaming inside*

writing anxiety, academic soul-searching (thread) 

the sheer optimism and euphoria of the initial literature search is such a fun ride, until you come to terms with the fact that you CANNOT read 40 articles and 20 books in a month

scolding people for being addicted to social media because they desire human connection is like scolding people for being addicted to food because they eat at taco bell twice a week


:Trek: Star Trek 3 spoilers 

Opinions on "digital detox" type stuff 

Opinions on "digital detox" type stuff 

Opinions on "digital detox" type stuff 

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