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A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being β€œreleased” 

A periodic reminder that you should back up your own Masto account by downloading your archive

I'm not posting this for any particular reason other than that it's good to make backups and sometimes servers just go down

Back up your files

Back them all up

Even if you're on Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever

They sometimes have catastrophic failure too

A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being β€œreleased” 

jokes probably been made before but

fae asks for your name, you give them your deadname
they think theyve won, then with a smile you say "im finally free"

alternatively wheres our trans ally fae who visits trans folks if they leave out offerings to take their deadname for them

Anyone know how to make a washing machine like this turn on?

I have tried:

* Pushing all the buttons

You've heard of Sharknado

Now get ready for Furricane

"It's never rained cats and dogs like this before."

I bet there's a lot of pressure on the admins of optometry schools to make the "Class of 2020" graduation a big one

US uprisings 

Dear internet, does anyone have interesting and practical readings on organizing hybrid (online-offline) conferences and academic events, under a framework of inclusion?

Extinction rebellion 

@bgcarlisle Another new meme you're starting? The citrus humble brag? 🍊

Today, I had the lime of my life!

At that point of being in a new city where I start thinking I'm seeing people who can't possibly be here

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