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Tfw an attempt to check something off one's to-do list creates other, stranger, unexpected to-do's

Mods and admin!!!

If you have instance block recommendations pls file under #fediblock

@gingerrroot and I started this as a way to collect them for reference

Easier to have it under a hashtag so they can be found. Pls and thanks

Weird skin thing tmi; Cussing 

In Medical Science we don't say "chill the fuck out" to my skin

We just "apply topical corticosteroids"

And I think that's beautiful

My respect for people who do pixel art is IMMENSE

Lmao "with one another" in German is literally miteinander ("withoneanother")

any economic system that assumes most people don't intrinsically want to do meaningful work is empirically false and should not be taken seriously

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@anomaly i might have agreed before account migration was added. but instances aren't dictatorships when borders are open. users are only beholden to the dictates of a top admin if they so choose -- when they disagree with the top admin's decisions they can simply yeet off to another instance

imo top admins aren't dictators, they're just delegates responsible for day-to-day instance-level housekeeping

it's not a 100% perfect implementstion yet, but it's ok and it's getting better

When the website you visit has "infinite scroll" content but also the Change Language link at the bottom of the page. #ux #design #webdesign

Cussing; AI in human research 

Please refer to my treatise on AI in human research entitled:

What no why would you do that Jesus fuck just stop, stop it right now I mean it

alas, for Wheaton but it was not harassment. it was a bofa joke. and lo, the people did scorn and mock him for such were his just deserts

and so the Wheaton left the realm of Masto never to be seen again

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There's definitely valid reasons to be upset by the scraping these researchers did. They violated their university's ethics guidelines and probably broke the law. People have a right to be upset and should fight back.

But this should serve as a reminder: if you post it on fedi, you should assume it's not private. The purpose of this software, ultimately, is to broadcast what you say. There are likely people scraping fedi right now that will never announce what they've done.

every so often someone sees the fediverse and goes "wow, I can't believe there's so much illicit content on there" because they see a lot of content warnings

which is like seeing someone's email inbox has a lot of non-blank subject lines in it and going "wow I can't believe you're a massive criminal"

It's also nice that all the conclusions in the paper are wrong because they start with a mistaken premise that content warnings mean that a post is "inappropriate".

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there are not too many people
there are too many rich people
that’s your fucking resource problem

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hey, y'all youngsters out there refusing to let the status quo turn you cynical af about everything and anything?

you're punk af and I πŸ’œ you. thanks for sprucing up the place.

scandalous, inappropriate content 


A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being β€œreleased” 

Matteo Zignani, Christian Quadri, Alessia Galdeman, Sabrina Gaito andGian Paolo Rossi from the University of #Milan scraped all english speaking instances (363) listed on, wrote a paper about it and are distributing the dataset.

β€œIn this context, we release a dataset gathered from Mastodon, […]β€œ

β€œThese data have been collected by implementing an ad-hoc tool for downloading the public timelines of the servers, namely instances, that form the Mastodon platform, along with the meta-data associated to them.β€œ

β€œThe spider exploits the instance list obtained from the previous step and makes a pool of requests to the instance endpoint 4 which returns the latest toots of the local timeline. Since the time-lines implement a pagination mechanism, the spider extracts the URL for the next request and repeat this procedure till it reaches the end of the timeline.”

β€œIn the terms of service and privacy policy the gathering and the usage of public available data is never explicitly mentioned, consequently our data collec-tion seems to be complaint with the policy of the instance.β€œ


#FediAdmin #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #Privacy

Mastodon Content Warnings: Inap…
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