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weird how no-one in the past was bigoted or held antiquated views. hey were all either of their time or ahead of their time.

Okay it turns out that the electrical outlet that it's been plugged into for the last couple weeks has just uhh stopped being electric

More on this story as it develops

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Work Windows computer just crashed

It's been a long time since Windows completely crashed on me!

Brings me back to '98

You know you're in for A Ride when it's an academic paper with a word cloud for a "visual abstract"

Oh this looks like a good reference paper for me to read!

*It turns out to be a book*

*A very long book*

*With no pictures*

Being able to save a PubMed :pubmed: search as an RSS :RSS: feed to put in a feed reader is a way underrated thing

If you can't take me at my Lwaxana Troi, you don't deserve me at my Lieutenant Stamets

Cancer drug dev 

the writing process 

Upside: I got the HR person to tell me flat-out that I'm getting paid at the end of the month, so there's that

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Brought my PhD and MA diplomas to HR so that they could look at them today

Had to cart them all the way from Canada

Them: Oh, these are big

Me: Yeah, Canadian diplomas aren't usually used for anything. Usually institutions just ask the university to mail them a Confirmation of Graduation.

Them: And they're not dated

Me: Yes they are; the dates are just written in pretentious Latin

Academic journal web design fail 

Spoiler for The Last Jedi 


The way to type an e with an acute accent in Windows is

Alt + 0233

That's not a joke, that's the real way to do it

Had a dream the nuclear annihilation of the human race was coming and the first thing I did was post that hellsite might have some downtime

Instance block 

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