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Techbro mention 

Me: Ugh techbros

A bunch of weirdos on the internet: NO THEY'RE NOT LIKE THAT! I WILL DEFEND THEM!!

Me: *Has extremely non-controversial receipts*

The same weirdos: Nevertheless,,,


if Mario were voiced by Julie Andrews he'd say "it'sa me, a name I call myself"

re: uspol, covid 

i feel like there’s an angle on covid that reminds me of the response to AIDS, that because it was primarily affecting marginalized communities then reigning powers had a certain interest in letting it spread. due to privation and de facto segregation in healthcare and other necessities, covid is ravaging communities of color, so a racist empire gains a motive to let the plague accelerate. it doesn’t matter how many white people it kills, because it kills more black and brown people. the lack of response, the eagerness to β€œre-open”, it reflects the death wish of a death cult. it is, to some extent, intentional.

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Techbro mention 

Looking forward to the day when I can safely begin the process of forgetting Zuckerberg's name

1 million sign petition for $2k monthly checks from US 

A petition demanding the US government pay each American $2000 monthly for the duration of the pandemic surpasses 1 million signatures. The people have spoken, is anyone listening?

two types of people after dealing with hardships:

"i never want anyone to go through what i've gone through"

"i went through it, why shouldn't they?"

Masto etiquette 

People who respond to CW requests with "sure!" instead of "why." are my favourite

A musical romp through the magical land of Oz

In which the workers rise up against the upper class

To unionize and form

(In Technicolor)

Pet peeve re: names 

~ Strategy One ~

Me: Hi my name is $LEGALNAME but please do not call me that, I go by $NICKNAME

And then they put me in their contacts as $LEGALNAME and they immediately call me $LEGALNAME

Me: No, no. That name isn't for you to use.

~ Strategy Two ~

Me: Hi my name is $NICKNAME

Them: Really? That's your real name?

Me: It's not my legal name but it's what I want to be called

Them: *Snoops around and finds out my legal name, starts calling me that without permission*

Benefits of a Francophone bf 

My bf has such a hard time keeping "honk" and "horn" separate in his mind and he switches them periodically and it's so cute

*Pedantic know-it-all voice*

Actually, the "ch" in "chiptune" is pronounced like the "ch" in "loch"

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