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What it's like to write to your MP 

Me: Hey can you do [progressive thing]?

My MP: We are very committed to [centrist disappointment]

Me: No no I don't want you to tell me your policies; I want you to tell the government what I said

My MP: Can I interest you in [other centrist disappointments]?


Add a line item about stickers on bell peppers and my personal nation state will back this.

I need some philosophy recs.

I'm looking for something similar to phenomenology, wittgenstein, eco, beauvoir, foucault, and han.

Teasing programers about how shortlives their programs are, bad idea, might not be a bad idea? 

Someone should write a mastodon client in fortran:

-Can be compiled for ANYTHING
-Will run very fast
-Won't take up hundreds of MB of memory in my browser
-Will keep working forever with the occasional recompile*

*(I use software first written in 1970 today. It has had major rewrites in 1976 (When it was rewritten to fit on 2000 punch cards so the entire program would fit in one box), updated through the 80s, and got a major rewrite in the 80s, which then got 10 years of in-house alpha testing and was released as a beta in 1993, and as a full version in 1997. It got another major upgrade in 2013.

"identifies as" language needs to die.

people are gay, or are nonbinary, or are whatever, they don't "identify as" whatever.

:emacs: thoughts 

Considering switching my default PDF viewer to Emacs just so that I can split the view and scroll down to the References section without losing my place in the body text

I wish that diffs in git etc would recognize when you've added a column to a CSV and show it as that, rather than as a change to every single row

I am trying to come up with an idea to post to keep my notifications lane moving but can't think of anything so can you just like and/or boost this post for no reasons? Thanks.

Obviously the soviet Union was gonna fail I mean how did no one notice all those huge red flags

Cops are aggressively demonstrating what we already knew: they are absolutely incapable of being reformed. They're responding to the protests with violence and a bunker mentality. Abolish the pigs.

Me: Brands don't care about you; they're not your friends

Brands: *Stop sending money to Facebook and Twitter*

Me: Hello Brands, my friends!!

It is the beginning of a new week, friends

Maybe you can make a safe space for someone this week

This morning I walked past a new business dedicated to repairing and servicing coffee machines, with the name of "Caffeine Fix".

This knowledge brought me joy.

i wanna watch gay stuff what gay stuff should i watch

some overlooked human emotions:
-wamt fruit Now
-the way irish music sounds
-the guilt of leaving a mess you intend to clean up later only to return and find someone else has done it
-Do Not want to leave warm water
-eating toast
-the relief of turning the last night off at night and finally being in darkness

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