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It is a brand new week

I hope that you're safe and happy and maybe you can help others be safe and happy in it too

Cussing; Academia 

It's "keeping up with the literature in my area of specialization" time!

Also known as "Did I get scooped? Oh god I think I got scooped fuck fuck wait it's something different but the title is close enough to be confusing I need to lie down fuck"

Straight people are really like "I'm gonna go to the gay part of a major city, and then be angry when I see a gay"

Me: *Has beers with a new friend, spaced 1.5 m away*

New friend: *Does a hecking moral relativism about some really fucky stuff*

Me: :ohno:

Tfw the information you're looking for in a paper is right there in a clear and well-written abstract

I went to the post office to try to send a letter, and it's inside a convenience store and the guy there was like "It's out of order ... I don't know man ... I'm new here."

yet a run of the mill, bashful farmer is about to discover the true meaning of the limbo... in the Twilight Zone.

It's also valid and frustrating when people don't believe you or your knowledge. It is incredibly overwhelmingly annoying to have people belittle the time and effort and years that you've put into mastering a craft. It is complicated.

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It is very important to say 'I don't know' and to practice not knowing. Academia demands that we be experts, and if we stumble at all then we are punished for it. We are not allowed to have partial knowledge or ongoing knowledge.
But that's toxic. It's okay and good to not know things - even things in your own field.
The beauty of it all is that we will never fully know anything. We can only ever learn more.

I know it's an easy mistake to make here sometimes, but 4chan is that door over there mate πŸ‘‰

Selfie with eye contact 

I am so curious about this Rhubarb Schorle

Will it be terrible??

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