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i am vehemently against "i support my friends no matter what" mentalities. i have literally only seen it cause disaster. I can only stand being in close relationships with people who i feel like i can criticize, and its really important to me.

I didn't plan to come out on Coming Out Day, but on this date in 2009, I came out as gay

And it literally saved my life

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Coming Out Day 

I came out on this date in 2009 to my now-ex-wife

I had no idea it was Coming Out Day at the time

And it was the best thing that ever happened to me

New in this version:

* Nozzle
* Waggle


* Nose/snout
* Tail

If you ever stop giving the dog scritches

She will bump your arm with her nozzle

To let you know

That you are not yet excused

An AI that generates sleezy music in the style of a James Bond theme

Alcohol mention 

If I could describe this beer with one word it would be "taste"

Because it has a good taste

Doodles from today's notebook 

"Every science is a success"

"What is this game? Haha and is one thousand very many dollars to bet on it?"

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If only y’all felt as strongly about ending racism as you do about ending capitalism

Dark humour 

Tombstone engraving idea:

"I let you win"

Alcohol mention 

If I could describe this beer with one word it would be "taste"

Because it has a good taste


As someone who was harassed via screenshotting I want to make something clear:

Screenshot dunking is when you take a screenshot of someones post for the direct purpose of mocking them and making them a spectacle

Screenshot dunking is NOT screenshotting bigoted assholes or bullies for evidence of their said harassment and using it to warn people that someone is bad

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