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Running 🤝 Thinking
being able to make you tired

Pandemic face mask that says "Cover your nose too, thx" in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Hindi and Chinese

Keshitsubo are the smallest kind of bonsai tree, sometimes called "poppyseed size" in English. They're carefully maintained at heights of 3-8 cm.

Penguin PSA 

In case you need it, the San Diego Zoo has live webcams on their African Penguins

A friend who's an honours student excitedly texting me to say she's being published for the first time (as fourth author). Knowing enough about her journey so far, I am *so* proud of her.

with Fashionable 5-Year-Old
and Horrid Brother.

Reminder that if you evade a block through any means—

That's harassment!

My sister: I served [famous person] when I worked at [fancy restaurant]. I served them unsalted butter. ... They had more than just unsalted butter.

I wonder whose idea it was to make Bowser wear leather kink gear

@bgcarlisle literally saw this boost in my feed and immediately wondered about snoot without remembering we had already discussed it. At least I'm consistent?

"Don't fall in the lava!" I said

And it was good advice for video games, you have to admit

Gotta hand it to me

Not sure how far you would have gotten if I didn't give you the idea of not falling in the lava

Mario on N64 always sounds like he's saying "let's pickle"

And I think that's beautiful

happy #NationalComingOutDay to all my queer friends who aren't out yet for whatever reason! y'all are great

Two instances, both alike in dignity,
In fair Mastodon, where we lay our scene,
From ancient meme break to new mutiny,
Where meta blood makes meta hands unclean.

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