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Words that are not distinguished in German; food mention 

- If and when
- Walking and running
- Smoked tofu and smoker tofu

full offense to car owners but we could save millions of tons of emissions and thousands of lives by just mandating engine control modules with boring acceleration profiles and top speeds of 50 mph

ancaps know their ideology is literally the same as the ferengi from star trek, right?

the joke race from star trek that was just there to dunk on? they know that right?

Oh no

It is taxes time

I don't mind paying taxes

I just hate

The paperwork

shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

This is muppets canon:

Beakie is a bird-like monster with rainbow-colored hair, yellow eyes, and a large, spiky beak. She made her first appearance on The Muppet Show in episode 307, where she performed "You and Me" as a romantic duet with the song's co-writer and original performer, Alice Cooper.

At the conclusion of the number, it was revealed that Beakie was merely the form into which Miss Piggy had been transfigured when she sold her soul to the Devil.

i've met people who say, "it's a doggie dog world," and i don't correct them.

Angery; Strong language; Won't actually do this because it's so mean-spirited but it's satisfying to think about 


Register the domain name

So that I can just put the word "Yes" there

And send it to those who ask frustrating questions or make irresponsible suggestions

PhD, abusive climates 3 

So instead of having it be normal and having it to be the common joke that so many of us navigate - how do we change this?

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I really appreciate that I have Never had a single student who didn't appreciate libraries.
Now, they may not have gone to the library physically, but they all used their resources and they all appreciated them in principle.

Libraries are the best.

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