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"Virtue signalling" is just words that assholes say when they want to undermine a moral stand that's obviously correct, but without actually engaging with the issue at hand

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When you use a text-only email client like mu4e, you know for certain that the email isn't working in the way that the sender intended

PLOS sends me an email that says "Benjamin, 5 new journals are coming" and I can't help but read that as a threat

My shell script miserably behaving when a cd command failed and was not catched

If you're white, using "woke" pejoratively is racist

things I refuse to work with as a chemist:
-Hydrofluoric Acid (aka Bone-Hurting Juice)
-Concentrated Nitric Acid (aka Glove-Burning Juice)
-Anhydrous Ammonia (no ty)
-THF (makes explosive peroxides when you're not looking)
-poisonous shit that has to be dissolved in DCM (it ignores your gloves, and skin)
-The physics department

Writing another snark

Deleting it before sending

You're welcome, fedi

h/t to @bgcarlisle for dropping the word of the decade, "techbrorobourous", portmanteaus don't get any better than this my friends

Advantages of moustache:

* Slurping tasty drinks even after drink is finished
* Conceal identity
* Filter-feeding (krill ++, best if you're a literal whale)
* Force multiplier for facial expressions

i used to think it was weird how the liberal party in canada still sucks pretty bad but now i'm enlightened, it's because liberals suck pretty bad

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