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A law abolishing the manufacture of media players where the play/pause button or the mute/un-mute button is the same button

> From Evidence-based Medicine to Marketing-based Medicine: Evidence from Internal Industry Documents

Everyone: Hey what's Berlin like?

Me: It's been Corona since I got here. Pretty much the entire time.

Everyone: Sure so what's your favourite bars or restaurants?

Me: Haven't had the chance to find out due to the Corona pandemic

Everyone: But it has good night life right?

Me: I really don't know what to tell you. Corona.

the thesis
it passed without revisions
I have officially graduated with a master in sociology

When people online (especially women) post something that is not explicitly asking for advice, PLEASE, just PLEASE refrain yourself from giving any. If I want to know which software to use or whatever, I will ask clearly. #UnsollicitedAdvice

:ProgressivePride: Gay crimes 

> Early slash fans in England feared that they would be arrested, because slash violated the obscenity laws there at the time.

Slash is a part of our gay crimes heritage

Does anyone sell a Kirk slash Spock t-shirt?

Ideally, a t-shirt with Kirk kissing Spock?

Ghostly chair
in cellar jumps up
and down
on three legs,
with fourth
at spot
on floor.

I'm "Trying to recall my birth year, then subtract that from the current year to figure out how old I am when I'm being asked" years old

Markov bot text 

ZEK: Let's get down to business. You see, she worships me, and I have a lot of aggravation and made a nice profit at the power plant.

Here I thought I was the office Tea Drinker but it looks like someone's flexing on me by bringing in a big red tea pot to steep in the break room

Programming language mention 

Me: I love Python but I hate being in Python dependency hell

The internet: Use virtual environments!! Problem solved!!!!

~ Later that day ~

Me: I love Python but I hate being in a dozen Python dependency hells at the same time

Python dependencies are such a nightmare, idk how anyone uses it.

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Enchanted person attracts attention
of rescuer.

Not about anyone on here 

Concern trolling over the idea that gay sexuality is somehow uniquely corrupting to children is homophobic as fuck

And it's still homophobic even if you're gay

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