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Research + code + healthcare job vacancy 

🚨Job vacancy alert 🚨

Interested in making meaningful change in the intersection between code, science and healthcare?

My team at the Wellcome Trust
is hiring!

Some reasons to be interested in-thread, boosts appreciated for reach! The pay just ain't half bad, especially compared to academic salaries:

Tech Manager (~£59k/year):
Tech Lead (~£68k/year):

Both vacancies close on August 1st 2021

sext: i quickly ask professors or advisors for ask about my rate of graduation for the program

Grad school etiquette 

Never ask a grad student:

* How's the thesis coming?
* When are you done? / When did you start?
* What will you do after you graduate?

If there's news, THEY'LL TELL YOU

Gonna start answering every question of “How much longer is your PhD going to take?” with “10 years” because it gets tiring for everyone to always be asking me that

You have to be *in* a country to break that country's laws, right?

So if someone murders a billionaire in space—

~ Next slide ~

Me: And for the explicitly homophobic crowd

*Slide has muscle bros in Speedos*

🎵 These pearls are meant for clutchin' / And that's just what they'll do 🎵

Me: I ... haven't thought of the rest of it, but you get the drift

Them: *Standing ovation*

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What talks are y'all excited to attend? If you haven't signed up yet you should do that here!! There's still a week left!!

~ Next slide ~

Me: It's "Mandante." Finally ABBA tunes ... for men

Them: My god you've done it again

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~ In a board room giving a presentation to rich music company executives ~

Me: It's "Le Freak" by Chic, except after the opening line, it's just screaming and screaming for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Them: Revolutionary.

:LeVarDislike: Cancel The Olympics this summer

:LeVarLike: Cancel The Olympics

Hey academics, what tools do you use when you need to diagram or map out stuff?

(What I'm doing right now involves no quantitative data, so I think Excel won't help me there)

Thinking about how the anti-porn movement in the Lesbian Sex Wars used decontextualized BDSM images to construct a rhetoric that pornography and kink were both inherently violent and degrading to women, proposed legislation to ban porn which depicted women being submissive, and wound up creating the template for the Meese Commission to argue that penalizing sex workers and banning the sale of vibrators as "obscene" would protect women.

Rugged individualism is the biggest lie ever sold to Americans and is a scam to keep welfare costs and taxes low for the wealthy.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

"whoooaaaaoaaaooaaaWHOAAAAWHOAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAoooooooAAAAooooAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" actually, the singular is: whoooaaaaoaaaooaaaWHOAAAAWHOAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAoooooooAAAAooooAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaum

A supercut of all the scenes of forced laughter

At bad jokes told as comic relief

From the ends of Star Trek episodes

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