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Today has been a "work-related social faux pas" kinda day

@bgcarlisle I want "Don't tell me about the straights" on a t-shirt.

Morpheus: We don't know who struck first, us or them. But we do know that it was us that scorched the sky. Not intentionally or anything, though. That's just like smog from fossil fuels. In retrospect, humanity should have been better at taking the climate crisis seriously.

FB mention; Fedi snark 

> Facebook: some high-profile users ‘allowed to break platform’s rules’

Huh, I thought that was a Fedi-only problem

~ Every time ~

The gays: I'm attracted to you

Me: Aw thanks

The gays: That comes with certain obligations on your part

Me: What no

(:NoAt: don't reply to tell me about the straights)

Markov bot text 

GARAK: Putting aside the newest shape-shifter in town for the girl who has everything.

I read to my kids every night and give them a hug and tell them to never join the military and say good night

~ Sad cowboy music ~

🎶 If I ate all the curry
Would you still love me?
(Love me do—)
I didn't mean to eat it all
And forget you— 🎶

Tech opinions 

Say what you will about software written for LAMP stacks

You can run them on those cheapo $2.99 per month shared hosting packages and you don't need root privileges to install them

Trekkie culture is being disappointed by Star Trek not depicting exactly the future utopia that you envisioned

Imagine being a Star Trek writer

Having a mainstream, international platform to dream about the possibilities of a near-utopian, post-discrimination, post-scarcity vision of the future

But instead

You write Star Trek: Picard

Today in headlines that aren't as awesome as they sound:

> SpaceX prepares to launch another billionaire into orbit

Ungrateful animal returned
to captivity.

My mom was a photographer, and I've been going through her old photos now that I own the rights to them to release them into the public domain.

So, enjoy this photo she took of LeVar Burton.

I need a day between every day to recover from the day before and to prepare for the day after.

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