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@bgcarlisle there's an Ernest commercial where he's being a sommelier for Sprite and describes it as "presumptuously tart, yet playfully demure" and that's my go to

"It has a disappointing bouquet but I think you'd be amused by its presumptuousness"

(I stole this line from a TV show, and now it's what I say about every wine)

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Yes, I'll have a glass of Peanut Grigio


Why are you laughing

I am very dignified

In pandemic times, I learned to take my shirt off when eating noodles with a tomato based sauce

Decreases laundry

Now that I eat with people more often thoughβ€”

For Halloween I'm going as something *truly* scary: A Guy who thinks the solution to *every* problem is switching to Linux and won't stop unsolicitedly suggesting it to people in casual conversation.

I'd really like to find a position doing data management or web data publishing for an organization that is meaningfully engaged in working on the climate crisis. If you have any pointers or ideas please let me know!

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But what are they called?

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Planets that have a Scotland

* Caladan
* Caldos
* Earth [citation needed]
* Gallifrey

Come to think of it 

"Lots of planets have a Scotland"

- Dr Beverley Crusher's grandmother

Dune (2021) 

This film passes the Eponymous Dialogue Test (contains a line that was written to allow a character to awkwardly say the title of the film)


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Dune (2021) 

"Lots of planets have a Scotland"

- Leto Atreides, Dune (2021)

Musical film is
a film genre with many
songs in the movies

:Trek: That essay on "Kirk Drift" again 

On today, the day of William Shatner going to space

May I recommend that essay on Kirk Drift if you haven't read it?

It's giving me this error in the browser console

> Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (β€œscript-src”).

And I've done some half-hearted searches to find out if this is a well-known problem, but it doesn't seem to be

@nextcloud @nextcloudupdate

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Nextcloud recently updated itself

Now the web front-end for the "Files" app doesn't work

There's no data loss or anything; I can see all my files are still there on my iOS app

But I can't easily get to them through my desktop, which is annoying as fuck

@nextcloud @nextcloudupdate

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