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The existence of dumplings implies the existence of a larger, original parent dumple

BotW having its own internal time of day unrelated to real life time has very "casinos have no clocks or windows" energy

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Star crossed lovers long ago in a galaxy far far away


Lookin for love in Alderaan places

Helping my bf to play now by making Link's vocalizations

"Hup! Hup! Hoop! Hon ho!"

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:Trek: opinions 

@bgcarlisle this is the most incredibly specific and also incredibly powerful roast

:Trek: opinions 

@bgcarlisle WOW.

Also immediately thinking again about how writers are still paid the same amount

:Trek: opinions 

Somehow the weirdo sci-fi writer character from DS9's "Far beyond the stars" that was played by the O'Brien actor—the one who wrote pointless but inoffensive stories about robots—he crossed over to actual real life and now he's the show-runner for Star Treks Discovery and Picard, happily popping out anemic feel-good stories with weaksauce gestures toward equality or respect or something based on metaphors with robots that fall apart the second you think about them at all

My friends!
Has Covid-19 forced you to wear glasses and a mask at the same time?

You may be entitled to condensation.

Best plot twists in the history of cinema
-Darth Vader is Luke's father
-Tyler Durden is actually the same guy
-Miles O'Brien actually does drink coffee in the afternoon

I regret to inform you that Calamity Ganon is not a lady cowboy

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:Discovery: S04E07 

(Btw I think this is also the source of some of the uhh "choices" made in Picard)

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its okay to just block well meaning but uneducated people and carry on with your life. you aren't actually required to teach every teachable moment.

Who called it "the ethics of for-profit space exploration" and not 

"remembering the Kant"

VeryBadLlama on Birb:
the biggest problem we'd face in a zombie apocalypse wouldn't be the people hiding zombie bites, it would be the people who informed their employer they'd been bitten and got told "we still need you to come in and work your shift until you turn"

fairly wretched artifact of early 2000s internet snark culture 

Happy 20th birthday to this thing and my blessings to all of us loving life at the bottom of it

The more silent letters you add to the word "magic," the more Real it is


tangential covid reference 

is it just me, or are almost all mainstream tv shows and movies now essentially speculative fiction, since they all seem to be taking place in a parallel universe where the pandemic never happened?

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