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Ah, looks like I won't be switching back to Regolith, until Regolith 2 gets out of beta, at least

Starting to remember why I switched to a tiling window manager in the first place as I start obsessively fiddling with window placement and sizing

Could Linus tech a tip so tech even he couldn't tip it?

The meeting ended early

Sending the lunch crew

Into chaos

Me: 🔥 In software version hell 🔥

You: Just use Docker!! Problem solved!!!!

Me: 🔥 In Docker debugging hell now 🔥

grad programs, :boost_requested: 

does anyone have tips for narrowing down or vetting graduate programs, especially in games (both critical and practical flavor), computer science (hci, PLs, pedagogy, "tech ethics"), education, (maybe??) english/lit? or recs for where i should look

especially if i don't want to specialize yet? (i'm leaning towards a masters program for this reason but am not sure how restrictive getting a ma/phd is courseload-wise)

I love clicking "delete" on emails

Not "archive," but "delete"


We've all been there

We've all tripped so hard on nose-lizard that we woke up the next morning on Yggdrasil

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What do you call a decommissioned server? 


:duckduckgo: Is recreational nose-lizard use legal on Tattooine

I am the knower of specific kinds of bad behaviour in very particular contexts

I never tell my secrets

But I scream inside my heart about it, as they say

by the time I wake up tomorrow our attempt to stake one heart of one vampire in the plague of medical profiteering that sucks away the life force of humanity will be out in plos, and that will be one tiny win in the war of anti-profitable technology.

All that to say,

If you want to get to know some cool kids on Scholar, welcome, pull up a seat, the coffee machine is in the kitchenette over there

But if you want to maximize user engagement with your brand, I'll kinda be actively putting up roadblocks to that kind of behaviour here and you'll eventually get frustrated and leave

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Hey everyone, I've had a few people ask and I'm not having problems with the moderation work-load, but thanks for checking!

You're generally very easy on me as a mod

The bigger reason why I closed sign-ups here is that building community just isn't something that can be done at scale

It takes relationship-building, getting to know people, connecting with them, vulnerability, consistency and investment in each other

And no it won't be the same as academic Twitter


Have you seen Twitter?

When you concede to another’s opinion on beverages: 

“I’ll admit, you’ve got a pint there!”

mastodon goes hog wild for pics of trees and i think that's nice

Parents online: the teachers are making our children gay communists and read CRT!!!

Me playing the USSR anthem with a lesson on intersectionality: I have no idea what you mean

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Is there anyone out there (in the at least) who has made a transition out of academia and into some sort of post-academic work? I am finding myself more disillusioned with academia everyday but can’t really envision what a life/career outside might be like. I am just looking for someone to give me some insight on what that transition was like and/or if I should really just “tough it out,” so to speak.

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