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Leftover conference sandwiches, a healthy part of tomorrow's complete breakfast

I'm looking for conference posters that are NOT in English or other Latin texts for my poster blog.

Anyone know an conference with poster sessions where the primary language is not English and similar?

:Trek:; Alcohol mention 

Waiter: Can I offer you a synthale?

Picard: May I see the wine menu?

Waiter: We have a Cabernet Synthignon, a Synthandel, a Riesynthling and a Synthignon Blanc

Picard: Do you have anything with alcohol?

*Waiter taps the sign that says "Synthahol Bar"*

Waiter: (Snootily) I can place a bottle on the heater to ferment if you like

I don't really like people joining to Masto instances where they just put a bot that copies their content from the bird app and never have real interactions in the fediverse. They are just like empty bot profiles with no one behind. No actions or symbol if you use the bird app forever and outside is just a repeat bot.

:Trek:; Caps 

Starfleet officer: Nothing like a good sonic shower to make you feel clean!

Other Starfleet: Don't tell anyone, but me and a couple guys from down the hall hooked up all our sonic showers to make—

Starfleet: No, you didn't

Other Starfleet: Yes we did. A sonic sauna.


Several officers wearing towels, reclining and obviously relaxed. There is an extremely loud screeching noise.

Starfleet: (Screaming) THIS IS THE LIFE

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My Eurovision 2022 faves:
- sparkly golden retriever man
- stern slavic woman washing her hands

no you misheard me, i said i work for a twink tank

Any of y'all have good examples of when a software team _isn't_ very diverse and it overlooks obvious features? (for examples a talk tomorrow morning!)

Bonus points if it's research software.

what i'm saying is i'm tired and i assume everyone else is too

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lmao just found this comment on my GOTO 2018 talk on database safety 😂

🇨🇦 ACAB 

> Last year, video footage provided to the media showed RCMP tactical officers breaking down a door with an axe and chainsaw to arrest pipeline opponents at Coyote Camp during another protest on the territory. ... Green contrasted those incidents with reports that Alberta RCMP officers shook hands with and hugged some of the protesters who had halted traffic at the United States border crossing near Coutts, Alta., to demonstrate against pandemic health mandates.

Having a high degree of schadenfreude watching the crypto bust happen in realtime

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