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today a british person came into my store which was a first and i asked if they wanted a bag and they were like "that's alright then" and i was like " that a yes or a no???"

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. And what *did* god need with a starship, anyway?

It's a race

Uploading 300 MB of open access science paper PDFs to Microsoft Teams to share with my colleagues


Uploading that same file to a Raspberry Pi with a hard drive on it in my apartment because I have a feeling that the Teams upload will fail partway through

Deicide jokes 

If god couldn't be killed, he wouldn't be so damn insistent on the fact that he's immortal

Shoutout to the student who submitted their creative writing thesis with the following keywords:

funny, comedy, comedic, short stories, sex, love, danger, mailman, fiction, superhero, fun, pegging, best thesis in town, gay, priest, CYO, penis, butthole, Utz, railroad, cool, awesome, amazing, talented, America, drag, action, iconic, friendship, buggery, sodomy, joy, too many keywords let's see if this gets me in hot water with the brass,

registration is OPEN! Submit your talks or sign up to participate at - we're accepting abstracts for presentations until the 1st of July!

This is open to any and all disciplines, and any project that doesn't fit into a neat disciplinary box. No need to be on - anyone can submit!

Feel free to DM this account if you have any questions, and that link again is

Suspending anyone using an everyone command. That's some BS right up there with crypto nerds

🎶 Oh if you are a spammer
(Don't be a spammer no no)
You'll get the ban-hammer
(Lol lol fuck youuuu—) 🎶

If you're on the fence about applying to be a presenter at give a holler!

We'd love to have you

Working a little bit on my presentation for this year's

You too could make a presentation dear reader:

If you wanted

"Do you know why I like Gouda cheese?" he asked, a sadistic smile curling across his lip, already savouring terrible wordplay he was about to inflict

"Don't you fucking dare"



If I *were* to be looking to get a puppy soon

And I wanted one that's:

* Medium size
* Medium energy
* Cuddly
* Hypo-allergenic

What kind of dog should I get?

(Adorable puppy photos accepted)

~ Text based video game ~

You enter a dusty tavern; there is a dog in the corner

> look at dog

The dog is a good pupper; suchagoodboy

> who is a good boy?

The dog is a good boy

The dog rolls on its back; he wants belly-rubs

> rub belly

Receive + 10 happy

> scritch scritch

Receive + 10 happy

> very snuggles

You have reached the maximum happy for a human; become a dog? (Yes/Nnnyesss)

> _

mischief levels are currently at 12% but fluctuating wildly

(12%) ■□□□□□□□□□

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