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Preferred method of payment 

C.f. next time you watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1984), pay attention to how consistently they use the term "simoleon" to refer to money among toons

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~At a fancy restaurant ~

Waiter: Are you sure? That's a lot of food

Me: *Nods* I'm eating for two *Points at my otter hat that I'm wearing*

Climbing up on the ladder to reset the counter on the sign for the number of days since a waiter has remarked "you eat really fast" or "wow, you sure were hungry"

Adblocking, the necessity of 

I stand by my assertion that advertising has become an extremely ubiquitous and toxic form of visual, auditory, and mental pollution. Block it for your health.

Me: I am very wealthy and important, what is the good place to eat in this city

Concierge: This place has fancy tiny foods that look nice but do not satisfy; eating them is a status symbol; the price is: a million simoleons

Me: I am very wealthy and important, but I'm uhh slumming it, yes

Genetically engineer gigantic versions of:

✅ Strawberries
:loading: Garlic
:loading: Olives

Weirdo lewd-adjacent sculpture from a glyptotek in Munich 

His friends: When we make a statue to commemorate your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

Him: Well—

Jurassic Park

But the scientists invent the monsters from Hieronymus Bosch paintings instead

Doc got lost in the stabbing timeline and now he's much less expensive

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It was "gay friendly"

By which they meant

That they have not been literally convicted for homophobic hate crimes

Thanks everyone who came to my #SummerSchool presentation, it was a delight! ^^^^_^^^^

Presentation & links incoming ↓


holy shit UMich libraries just got contract wins that include ~ 17% increase average in equity adjustments to people's salaries.... wow.



Them: It's a Germany faux pas—don't drink the Erdinger Weißbier directly from the bottle

Me: Of course *drinks it using a straw*

Playing the gay anthem playlist from the Berlin Schwules Museum that we got from their QR code

are they... y'know... *mimes having the cilantro soap gene*

There's an interesting thing my brain does sometimes where I attribute behavior I see on my timeline by one or two users to the timeline itself. Like, just as a random example, "everyone is posting Fifth Element gifs"

If you don't read image descriptions, you're missing out on a lot. Some people here are extremely good at them and they take the post to the next level

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