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Hello, 911? There is a big corporation just loitering here.

What do people consider 'forever' file formats. I.E file types that are open source and won't become obsolete quickly and can run on minimalist computers. I know that lots of people consider txt's to be pretty good for everything plain text, but what about odt and odf for word processing and spread sheets? Is ogg, flac or acc better than mp3 for music and audiobooks? Giff for images?

I'm a sci-fi writer and want to know what 'old tech' might still be useful in the future.

Thanks Mastodon!

polar bear? no sorry i only deal in cartesian bears

For all those folks who signed up @maalgover presentation on bacterial species, remember that it begins in 20 minutes. Link's in your email!

Can you, like, fax an entire website? Let's assume I have "a friend" who's a bit of a prankster and has a bone to pick with German authorities

Straight People Alienator
Wearer of Gayest Tight Running Shorts
Door Slammer of Spite
Pig Booter

I could go on... @bgcarlisle

⚽️, the international symbol for impending homophobic nonsense

How to say you don't actually want to meet without saying you don't want to meet 

"Meet me at Tempelhofer Feld"

(No further details specified)

I'm excited for my #SummerSchool / #WinterSchool presentation tomorrow! Will you join me to hear about ethics, allyship, and building a more equitable world?

Details and signup here:

I may have been hasty in posting this

More on this story as it develops

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I have a bunch of minified javascript. Is there a way to make it more human readable?

Anyone got any links to the history/evolution of the academic publishing model? Doing some thinking about why defaulting to Write A Paper needs to be challenged and want to know more about how we got into this mess!

Queer person: *Lives a life that makes them happy*

A Straight: There must be some law against this

Preferred method of payment 

🔘 Manilla envelope with "ka-CHING" written on it
✅ Brown cartoon satchel fulla simoleons with a dolla sign onnit
🔘 A classy briefcase handcuffed to a muscle dude in a suit with dark glasses, but it has those springy snakes inside instead of the money you expected
🔘 Lol bitcoin hahahaha this one is the joke option

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