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The research fairy

Me: Yes, we'll have a tour of this Googlepleck

Them: "Googleplex"

Me: Nah, if you've seen one you've seen them all

Need a new bioethics prof, Stanford?

Will perceive the Forms for food!

@cwebber @bgcarlisle

a posh restaurant of people having a gala while within sight of the windows are homeless people begging for spare change

the contrasts are always painful :( <3

I think sometimes humanity is capable of more cruelty than anything else could ever be.

@bgcarlisle AntiFapp…wait no that sounds bad…wait never mind I’m being told that doesn’t matter these days.

Me, visiting San Francisco: Wow you guys are like right on the edge of a huge violent uprising with all this wealth inequality

SF dude: Yeah I bet I could monetize that with an app

one of my deepest regrets is failing to include this gif on my coming-out tweet

It's my 2⁵th birthday! I turn 2⁵ today!

Technology cannot solve the problem of people being dicks.

I don't know why people believe it can.

30 day access to an article from 1981 is $100
academic publishing is madness

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Bucking FDA, Peter Thiel funds “patently unethical” herpes vaccine trial #arstechnica #science

I'm in such a good workshop today and tomorrow! It's about starting out as a PhD. How to plan, what to avoid, how to draw joy out of that task.

i wish there was a class in school that taught me how to be organised rather than just expecting people to be able to cope with the academic lifestyle

I was the first person in my family to stay on in school after the age of 16 so a lot of that stuff was never taught to me from a young age

Going through a manuscript

Using my most fine-toothed comb

Picking every nit

I *will* get it perfect

My kingdom for a version of R markdown that lets you put code inline into the abstract

Looking forward to the day when Donald Trump looks right into a TV camera and says with a straight face that he was never President