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The research fairy

Clinical trialists should have to write the introduction sections for their final reports *before* the first patient is enrolled

@er1n @bea *space ghost voice* reproducible reseaaaaaaaaaarch

how about some more nice applications of machine learning? yes you say? ok here you go pal~

this one's free too

"Reconstructing cell cycle and disease progression using deep learning"

Nature Communications 8, Article number: 463 (2017)

i feel it's important people know about all the wonderful things we can do with this tech, and that people are out doing it

it's not all scary cybre shit you know?

it was the 200 OK of times, it was the 402 Payment Required of times

The sad state of reproducibility in software is made evident by the fact that lots of devs refer to binary releases as "artifacts", priceless treasures that cannot be replaced.

"McGill Email" sounds like "McGilly Mail"

That is all

@bgcarlisle The 2nd rule of Fight Club is: Maybe be critical of the juvenile philosophy spouted by the personification of a guy's sexual inadequacy!?!

"The 1st rule of Fight Club is: be good to each other" said Tyler, "No one was getting the meta-textual point that toxic masculinity is bad"

"Look, it's not that I'm anti-Shakespeare. Some of my best friends are ... Shakespeare."

The fact that the attempted Calvinball league failed due to lack of organisation is probably the most Calvinball thing about it

Does anyone in academia sympathize with the political right. If not, is this just because the right is so wrong, or because there's a political monoculture in academia?

ok but "colorless green ideas sleep furiously" has actually taken on a tremendous amount of semantic value.

Trans ppl being able to function in society without discriminatory laws is more important than gay marriage bills

Happy back-to-school from!

In the catacombs below the Appleplex in Cupertino, there's a vault that contains the original Apple With A Bite Out Of It

And the legends say that if it is ever finished—

The problem with so many blockchain in healthcare proposals is that they all rely heavily on "if everyone would just—"-style solutions