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The research fairy

Why are printers and drivers so complicated? "I want a set of dots with this shade here, please" shouldn't need 200MB of software

Also protocols exist, but no printer made in the last 10 years seems to use them consistently

Never mind 3D printing, we need 2D printing fixed first

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How do You track Your #books reading? Is there any good alternative to #Goodreads?


My supervisor was interviewed for an article in the BMJ news!

It's about preclinical evidence used to justify human trials

Don't say "Sci-hub" too loudly or the guy from Elsevier will come and break your kneecaps :librarian_hushing:

Upgrading my office computer software; hoping that it doesn't brick the machine O_o

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ban all video-only documentation

Tomorrow I'm showing off my PhD work in our grad school colloquium. I'm talking about do-words that can stand for both causation and inchoation actions. You know, words that allow for constructions such as "If you don't solidify soon, I'm going to solidify you!" Catchy, ain't it?

A relentlessly viral song that incorporates notification sounds from many social media, thus causing a constant checking of phones everywhere

"Thank you for such an enthusiastic indorsement"

I'm reading "Queer City" by Peter Ackroyd

I'm 11 pages in, but it's already very funny

Also: I'm collecting a bunch of great anti-queer slurs that are no longer in circulation that are ripe for reclaiming

* effeminati (sounds like a powerful worldwide secret society of men who make straight men uncomfortable)
* indorser (from the boxing term for hitting a man's back side)
* fribble (so cute!)
* giving caudle (sounds adorable and it's from the Latin "cauda" for "tail")

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