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powerful computers can produce large amounts of erroneous data or information in a short time

Listening to "Run for your life" by The Beatles

These people are psychopaths

I am so excited for this upcoming symposium that we're hosting at McGill

The Disney star wars movies so far are just boneless skinless ocean dogs

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Sharing my media collection with friends:

- rsync/scp/ftp is fragile for big files, firewall/NAT problems
- #bittorrentsync went payware
- #dropbox / #onedrive / #icloud are payware at this scale (and evil)
- #bittorrent needs manual creation of torrent files, no browsing
- #retroshare has no ipv6; linux crashes
- #syncthing isn't made for this, fiddly settings needed to avoid accidentally propagating deletes.
- #nextcloud not made for this, PITA to install, firewall issues.


Téléfrançais was produced by TVOntario, a publicly-funded TV station

I wonder if that means it's in the Public Domain

~ DiD yOu KnOw ThAt!!? ~

A typical dragon must drink its own weight in diesel fuel every day

~ NoW yOu KnOw ... ~

Friend: Have you ever tried one of those VR headsets? The technology is here. It's impressive.

Me: I'm just not ready for a game where if I die in it, I die in real life.

Just had a visceral experience today regarding how destructive and manipulative #Facebook (and other corporate #socialmedia platforms) is.

So I'm tooting my gratefulness for this refuge we've carved out for ourselves and each other...

💖 🐘

Every time your app asks me to rate it, my mental rating of it drops a little. Sometimes when it gets down to one star I actually do rate it.

BitGrail lost $170M because only client-side validation was used

(submitted by tommoor)

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